New All-Star Shoes from Northwave (with Michelin rubber soles)

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With bold claims that “No one had ever created an actual Enduro shoe, one specifically designed for this discipline. Now it exists, thanks to Northwave, and it is good to feel I have given my contribution.” Cedric Gracia lays out Northwaves stall for its Enduro Mid. Featuring some clever tech, it looks a very sensibly built trail/enduro shoe. It’s been made with an ankle protecting cuff, a velcro-over cinch strap and Northwave’s own Speedlace 2 (SL2 system) that features a protective mud/crash cap that is going to delight anyone who’s gunked up a BOA closure in the past.

Michelin, them of the rubber tyres, has helped with the sole – which features a very tyre-tread-like sole and heel and a very soft yellow bit on the instep so that even if you’re not clipped in, you’ve got a physical grip on the pedal. The shoes are made of a lot of mesh – to be cool wearing but also (and arguably more importantly) to dry quickly. Unfortunately, it’s a true ‘Spring Summer 2016’ product so isn’t even due to be shown until Eurobike next month. We don’t have any word on price or dates yet, but we’ll let you know when we do. In the meantime enjoy the handsome man himself telling you all about it in moving pictures.

The new Northwave Enduro Mid. You like?


For a Northwave shoe, it’s very restrained.


Now, this is more like it!
This is the new Extreme XC shoe, developed with the likes of Olympic bronze medalist, Marco Aurelio Fontana. It’s got a super stiff UD carbon fibre sole, but with Michelin grippy rubber where needed on the toe and heel. There are “Aggressive sculptures in the toe and heel areas [that] provide the ideal grip and traction, while the side sculptures are there to guarantee stability, and are melted into the soles structure for unprecedented resistance.”

There are two SL2 dials, that claim to be the only system with step-by-step and full release by using only one button.

As before, here’s the equally dapper Marco to show it off for you.

And, finally, how about this jersey? It weighs an incredibly skinny 68g…

Northwave comes via I-Ride in the UK.

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