Ashes to Agassiz trailer – VIDEO

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Well, here’s a thing. It’s the trailer to a movie that’s coming out in the next couple of months – and it’s certainly intriguing.

Beautiful scenery! More abstract beautiful scenery! Intriguing ‘deep’ telephone voiceover! Beardyman in neck brace! Some quite terrifylingly high speed looking crashes! Beardyman (Graham Agassiz, for it is he) turning enigmatically towards distant hilltop! Naiads! Or are they muses?

No idea.

Oh, and the crash at 0:59. You see some unbelievably high speed trail riding, from a distance. Probably a drone. Faster, he goes. Faster. Faster. FASTER. F A S T E R… and then he launches over the bars, And then more scenery and voiceover. Because you can’t see the aftermath you’re left reeling. It’s ace.

And it’s all beautifully shot and very moreish. And a man on fire!

To be honest, once the (admittedly spectacular) riding (and the metal soundtrack, of course) kicks in it loses it a little bit – if only because the intrigue aspect diminishes a bit. And I do loves me a bit of abstract scenery.You know the score from half way in – there are the usual hi-jinks involving trucks, fireworks, ‘wacky’ japes yada yada.

The idea is that Graham crashed badly (repeatedly, judging by the initial minute or so) and broke his neck: “With his neck broken and a career in jeopardy, the road back to the top comes with dangers and demons along the way.” it says here. But don’t just isten to me rambling, check it out below:

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