unReal Movie Now Available – Video

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unReal, the 4k resolution mountain bike film, is now available to buy and download now! Braap!

It’s a good excuse to show the trailer again, which generated lots of ‘oooh’s last time we ran it:

You can get hold of it on iTunes, or if you’re not of a particularly appley persuasion, you can also find it here on Amazon, Google Play and MGo (in shiny 4k).

Comments (2)

    4K version: Can only buy from a site that demands a US zip code for your credit card.

    Everywhere else selling it: Murkily avoiding any mention of 4K.

    Just confirmed to me by MGo tech support: the 4K version is not available outside the US.

    They only explain the service is US only after you’ve signed up, tried to buy something, then emailed tech support. They put this on the end of the tech support message informing me: “;)”

    Burn them to the ground.

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