The Autonomous HEXO+ Drone (VIDEO)

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The HEXO+ autonomous drone is one of those Kickstarter stories that just took off (no pun intended…).

It’s a very exciting piece of tech that really has the potential to become the go-to kit for mountain biking film-makers.

It works by connecting and following your smartphone, performing several different manoeuvres whilst it does so. The HEXO+ team went out to the alpine village of Verbier to show it off.

Admittedly this isn’t for everyone- but even if you don’t particularly fancy becoming the Spielberg of mountain biking, it will definitely get you some extra likes on your Facebook or Youtube channel.

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    With Xavier behind it this could be interesting to look out for in the future. 15 minutes isn’t long though. The Lily camera looks better, lasts longer and is cheaper…but the battery isn’t removeable..

    Are places like antur going to need air traffic control if these come down in price and get popular?

    Slightly snarky comment aside, this does look pretty cool

    I’m sure that pun was intended

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