Issue 91 Premier Exclusive: The H-Ball Interview

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Greg Herbold won the first dual slalom race at Mammoth Mountain in 1987. In 1990, he became the first UCI Downhill World Champion. Dave took the opportunity to grab an interview with the legendary racer-turned-SRAM special agent at large…

It’s sometime near midnight and we’re bouncing down a dirt track in a jacked-up little off-road wagon that has a growl that suggests the engine isn’t original (think Suzuki rhino on steroids).

Criss-crossing roads as we stick to twin tracks of dust and sand; low lights through the desert night air. Greg’s gunning the engine and I’m glad I got the option of a seat as I look back at Elmar bouncing around in the flat bed.

Five minutes earlier we were at a party thrown by Mark and Ashley of Western Spirit, Moab’s finest guiding company, but I got a now-or-never option on heading off with H-ball for an interview at his pad. So here we are.

On arrival at the ‘ranch’ there’s a necessary wait in the dark while Greg moves secret stuff out into the shadows of the yard. He’s busy testing who knows what future products that need hiding from my prying eyes. Once that business is attended to, we head into the workshop beside the house. Beers are cracked open and an interview, come guided tour of the facilities begins…


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Thanks to Greg Herbold and RockShox.

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