Multiple-choice enduro: Bionicon’s modular Edison Evo

by Marc Basiliere 9

Uphill or downhill, 160 or 180mm, 26in or 27.5

zum Runterballern!
zum Runterballern!

Said to be their “best ever bike” Bionicon’s new Edison Evo is an entirely re-engineered model from the adjustable-geometry pioneers.  Designed as – wait for it – the perfect enduro machine, the Edison Evo is a modular platform that allows, via exchangeable seatstays and shock rocker, to be run with 26in or 27.5 wheels and 160mm or 180mm rear travel.  Up front, single- and dual-crown forks are each offered in 160mm and 180mm travel as well.  Heck- the 27.5 bikes are even available – at the same price – in a less exotic but really quite nice 160mm RockShox Pike / Cane Creek Double Barrel configuration.

Gotta gotta get up,  to get down.
Gotta gotta get up,
to get down.

Unless opted out of (via the RockShox / Cane Creek combo), the Edison Evo features Bionicon’s patented, on-the-fly geometry and kinematics adjustment.  A bar-mounted lever changes the bike’s attitude by up to 5°: steeper and taller for climbs, lower and slacker for descents.

The 'big bike' configuration
The ‘big bike’ build

Now, between the wheels, travel, and attitude,  that’s a lot of choices- so Bionicon has chosen to keep their build kits simple. Drivetrains include SRAM X9 2×10 from €2,900 (£2,300) or SRAM X01 from €3,500 (£2,775). Both specs feature SRAM Guide brakes, a Kind Shock Lev dropper post, Schwalbe tyres, an Answer cockpit, and high-dollar Ergon saddle & grips. Frame/fork kits will also be available- but at €1,900 make the X9 build look really good.

In celebration of the Evo’s launch, the first 200 customers will receive €1,000 (£800) off of X0-built bikes, taking those as low as £2,000- a screamin’ deal for anyone already tempted by the Edison.

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  1. Bionicon continue with their plan to create the most god awfully ugly bikes on the planet. They are very good at it, to be fair.

  2. The 1990’s called – they want the Proflex Animal back…

  3. Ugly or not? I’m undecided, I’d love to have a test ride though

  4. Thank´s for your flattering comment on our new bike. Maybe try filling up the fridge (we recommend Tegernsee beer) and then look at the bike again….

  5. I’m going to reserve judgement until I’ve actually ridden both wheel sizes.

  6. Nice idea. Shame about the paint job.

  7. Roger… will it be possible to demo one of these soon?

  8. Haha, think I’d need the beer goggles to make it a looker!

  9. Demo rides: I will keep you posted on availability of demo bikes via my facebook page.

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