Throwback Thursday – An Easy Downhill Roll

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An Easy Downhill Roll

Words by Mike Ferrentino

On paper, it had looked like a relatively simple ride. We’d get shuttled by a sympathetic friend all the way up to 10,000 feet above sea level, to the top of the Grand Mesa. From there we’d follow some easily marked signs to the Flowing Park trail, would ride that trail around the rim of the Grand Mesa for a few miles, then would drop off the rim at Indian Point, down a well known trail, catch a connector a couple of miles further along and climb a short distance to the top of Kannah Creek trail. From there it would be a ripping descent of some 12 miles, shedding 5,000 vertical feet in the process and dumping us out at our van conveniently parked at the trailhead in the valley. Our local guide, something of a sage in the area we were riding, calmly assessed our riding time at “about two hours. It’s an easy downhill roll.”

Trees, woods, seeing, etc
Trees, woods, seeing, etc

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Rides like that are important.

They remind me of how thankful I ought to be whenever I am swooping along some well designed piece of recently built singletrack, and they help me put the whole ‘must-have-new-bike-now’ magpie gleam desire for shiny new bikes in some bigger picture perspective. Even if that perspective has to be whipped into place with thorns.


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