New Cove Hummer – but which wheel size

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For everyone still sitting on the wheel size fence it looks like Cove may have just the frame for you. For 2014 the iconic Hummer frame will swing either way; 27.5 or 29, thanks to it’s sliding 142 x 12mm dropouts

The precious shiny thing

The Ti framed Hummer (manufactured in the US by Lynskey) is designed to give a 67.5º head angle running a 140mm fork, and with it’s 44mm head tube the possibility to slacken that off further is there.

Chainmount compatibe
Can’t tell if new wheel size or just for lulz

ISCG05 mounts, asymmetric stays and a PF30 BB complete the frame details and all add up to what should be a pretty capable hardcore hardtail.

Chainmount happy

The Hummer frame is £1595.00 and available from Silverfish.

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    How do you correct the BB height for each wheel size?
    Different dropouts supplied?

    I wondered that as well. Would have been better if they angled up as they slid back. Not exacly the most elegant things either, though probably not as noticable once the wheels and brakes are mounted though.

    Not a bad idea for a Hardcore Hardtail, set of 700c wheels for smoother XC and stick on the 650b pair for rougher stuff… wonder how it’s work with 600a wheels…

    Was all over it until you wrote Lynskey

    I have very similar ‘Paragon’ sliding dropouts on a steel frame. You can get different plates – with a gear hanger or without. I’ve run mine with a Rohloff and as a SS. The Rohloff is great for winter riding when it gets gloopy.

    I refer you to a previous item 26 ain’t dead 😉
    obviously they haven’t heard.

    rocketdog has it.
    my old 2006 litespeed chainsucked to it’s death.
    never again for me and i LOVED that frame.

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