The Singletrack Pub Quiz

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The new issue of the magazine includes the very first Singletrack Pub Quiz and, seeing as it’s nearly Christmas December, we thought we’d put it up here to get you in the festive mood. We’ve even separated the questions and answers so there’s no excuse for cheating.


Download the quiz here, take it and all your mates to the pub for some ‘spirited competition’ (ahem), then chip in on the comments and let us know how you did.

The questions (PDF 4.2MB)

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 11.01.34

The answers (PDF 4.2MB)

For your amusement, here’s what happened when we set the quiz to the folks from SRAM and Silverfish (spoiler warning: videos contain the answers, although not all of them are right…):

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