Fresh Goods Friday 168

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Another helping of sweet new product fresh from the ST Towers doorstep.

Felt F5X

Sweet, sweet, carbon weapon.

A UHC performance carbon fibre frame and SRAM Rival drive train compete with BB5 disc brakes. The Felt F5X is race ready and looks pretty rapid too.

Price: £1799.00

From: Saddleback

Embers Shadow SS Jersey

Nu Wool

A modern looking merino short sleeved jersey perfect for autumnal rides and a winter base.

Price: £95.00

From: Embers Merino

All Mountain Style Frame Guard

Protect that frame
Protect that frame

High impact, honeycomb style protection for your frame.

Price: £24.92

From: All Mountain Style

Mavic Crossmax Shoe

It's all yellow...
It’s all yellow…

Nice and bright shoes to help get your enduro on.

Price: £150.00

From: Mavic

Race Face Next SL Cranks


Boasting the ‘lightest production carbon crankset on the planet” the Next SL have a 30mm spindle and an interchangeable interface to let you set them up just how you want them.

Price: £399.00 (without chainring)

Evoc Roamer 22l

Get your euro on
Get your euro on

22 litres of daypack destined for carrying the kit needed for Dave’s mountain bike leader assessment. A tool compartment, integrated rain cover, side pockets and airflow contact carrying system all add up to a decent pack.

Price: £99.95

Formula R1 Racing brake

Shiny stoppers
Shiny stoppers

Here’s the updated R1 Racing brake from Formula uses a pull rather than push action from the lever. With titanium hardware, kevlar braided hose and composite reservoir cap they don’t weigh much either.

Price: TBC

All From: Silverfish

Maia MX2200 Li-ion light

More lights
Maia light

2200 lumens from 3 x Cree T6 LEDs, all powered by a 5500mah Li-Ion battery.  Should keep you sorted for winter.

Price: £99.99

Maia RX1000 Li-Ion light

and more light
and more light

1000 lumens with a 8800mah battery for a 6 hour run on medium. Perfect for your helmet or your bar.

Price: £59.97

Maia DX2000 Li-Ion light

twice the light
twice the light

2000 lumens and a 11,000mah Li-Ion battery add up to a light that offers 5 hour burn time on medium setting.

Price: £99.99

All From: Tweeks Cycles

That’s it for this week.  We’re off to hit up some autumnal max traction dirt, see you Monday for the Debrief.


Comments (18)

    I do dislike Cyclo Cross.

    Born of the days before MTB, now we have technology to allow us to ride offroad efficently.

    MTB forever

    Ooooh, two >sharp-intake-of-breath< moments there… That's the nicest Felt I've seen in years and those RaceFace cranks are both beautiful (only surpassed in looks by XTR, I reckon) and cracking engineering. And Christmas is coming up…

    The DX2000 looks very much like my inton from 2011.
    Nothing wrong with that at all as it’s a good light, BUT things have moved on and it’s hefty lump of a thing.

    Already got that 2014 F5X, it looks even nicer in the flesh Rhayter! Very nice ride it is too…

    Monkeyboy, equally we now have motorised 2 wheelers for the road, making road bikes seem an irrelevant and efficient means of transport, likewise for MTBs. In fact, why not just go the whole hog and drive a car around a road route or a 4X4 around your MTB route – think of all that time and energy you’d save on a century! To quote NYC Bike Snob “AYHSMB”… 😉

    I like the look of those Mavic shoes.

    Yes bee utifal shoes ,see what I done there

    Race Face cranks…I don’t fancy shelling out £400 to advertise a clothes shop.

    “I do dislike Cyclo Cross.”
    Must admit the joys of Cross are lost on me too; bit like anal sex. Maybe I’m doing them wrong…

    Have you ever ridden a CX bike Monkeyb0y? They are a WAY more efficent bike than an MTB. The trade off of a mountain bike’s inefficency is a better capacity to handle more extreme terrain and more comfort on longer rides.

    “I do dislike Cyclo Cross.”
    Must admit the joys of Cross are lost on me too; bit like anal sex. Maybe I’m doing them wrong”
    From someone called Banjowhacker! you couldn’t make this stuff up!

    You offering lessons, Speshpaul?

    £100 for a knitted top!

    Will sell kidney for that crank though

    Those daygo shoes are brighter in real life

    I don’t want to like those shoes, but I do

    I’ve got those shoes and have to say… they’re absolutely brilliant in just about every way!

    cx more efficient except on more extreme terrain…like rough offroad? Also check your science..larger low pressure tyre is more ‘efficient’ than smaller higher pressure tyre off road (within certain boundaries), that is where the off road is uneven or rough with obstacles…also depends on what you are defining efficiency in…rolling resistance, grip, shock absorption from the tyre etc…..personally I care not what anyone wants to ride but ‘my sport is better than your sport’ should be factually correct!

    suppose somone oughta say ‘its all bikes so its all good’ dont some of you lot just LIKE riding bikes? instead of getting all ‘my dogs blacker than yours’.about it.

    I ride CX bikes, I ride MTB’s. I love both. They both do different things.

    No one is trying to make you swap your MTB for a ‘Cross bike.

    MTB shoes in roadie colours .. bluegh!

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