Beema AS-2000

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This shares the same mounting system as the well-known Magicshine lights. You get two O-rings of different sizes, a helmet mount and an extension lead for the battery. The 6.6Ah battery is predictably small and comes in a neat pouch, but could do with a more robust attachment system, or at least some non-slip material on the inside where it sits against the frame. Operation is simple, with a single illuminated button which allows you to cycle through the high-medium-low-flash settings.

Attachment to the bars was initially poor, using the larger of the two supplied O-rings on 31.8 bars, but was quickly sorted switching to the smaller O-ring. Getting the light on and off takes no time, which is always a bonus particularly at the end of a mucky ride. The unit is only rated to IP65, which means that hosing it down will not do it any favours.

On high, the light output is really impressive for such a small unit, with a good beam spread. There is a noticeable central spot, but the wider beam is still very useful giving a good distribution of light to a very good distance.

It’s simple to use, packs a great amount of light and battery life was easily enough to manage for the 1.5 to 2 hour rides that I tested it over, while running it on high for the majority of the time.

Overall: Compact and powerful lights, with easy attachment to bars and helmet.


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Brand:Bike Lights UK
Product:Beema AS-2000.
From:Bike Lights UK,
Tested:by Gavin Baxter for One month

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