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Work sucks so let’s watch movies.

Here’s a bumper crop of bike videos to help you slack off, hell it’s nearly the weekend right?

Tune in, brew up, skive off.  It’s time to open your eyes and visualise; it’s Midweek Mini Movies!

This Is Peaty – Season 2, Episode 5 – Ratboy Special!!

Steve Peat and Josh ‘Ratboy’ Bryceland have know each other for some time now…

Famous for his infectious laugh and outgoing personality, he’s one of the new guard in Downhill, keeping thing’s fun and fresh, whilst still knowing when to turn it on for race day.

Check out Episode 5 for the full story into how it all began, before Ratboy takes you on a tour from Mt St Anne to Drift Car Racing and an adventure out to Crankworx Whistler!


On September 1st 2013, Greg Minnaar achieved his dream of winning the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in his hometown of Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.
Greg’s victory marks his third World Championship gold, and the fourth World Championship title for the Santa Cruz Syndicate team:
2013: Greg Minnaar (RSA)
2012: Greg Minnaar (RSA)
2009: Steve Peat (GBR)
2008: Josh Bryceland (GBR) – Junior
John Lawlor was on hand to follow all the Syndicate action from the biggest race of the year… and Minnaar’s career!

Wideopenmag: UK Gravity Enduro Series FINAL, Eastridge

The grand finale of the UK Gravity Enduro Series went down at Eastridge in sunny Shropshire!
Neil Donoghue took the win for the chaps and Tracy Moseley for the ladies – with Tracy sealing the overall series win. Winning overall for the men was Al Stock.

Gibbs and Boardman – Alps Summer 2013

Guy Gibbs and Sam Boardman have spent most of this summer smashing about in and around Portes du Soleil in between racing. The endless summer has come to an end for them now, but before they left we spent a day with them ripping it up at Les Carroz.

Margam Madness

Margam Park will host the second instalment of Margam Madness on September the 21st 2013. Full details on margammadness.co.uk – After last year’s event going down very well with everybody that supported and raced the event, with nothing but a positive vibe from the racing on excellent but demanding trails we thought it would be rude not to put it on again even bigger and better. Work has been going on behind the scenes since late October to get more sponsors to add to the support we had for last year’s event, and let’s just say you won’t be disappointed.
With new sponsors Torq Energy, Juice Lubes and Scimitar Sports lending their support, not to mention the guys from Loco tuning, Lodge Cycles and casual clothing brand Industry Clothing, all getting behind us again for our second year, plus other sponsors in the pipeline, this year’s event will be a great one.

MTB Himalaya Spiti Edition 2013 – The Himalayan Odyssey

Untouched . Unexplored . Virgin



Ride For Michael

On March 3rd 2013,Michael Bonney fell off his bike, just like we all do. Only this time, instead of jumping up and laughing it off, Michael suffered a life changing injury and was diagnosed with a severed spinal cord at the C3 vertebrae. The result is that Michael is now tetraplegic – paralysed from the neck down, requiring a ventilator to breath.
Michael is an absolute legend and a true ambasodor to our sport, Michael gave a great interview to Carlton Reid of the UK’s Bike Biz magazine. Far from dwelling on his situation and highlighting the risks of cycling, this is what he said:
“I don’t want anybody to stop riding bikes because they think they might injure themselves. I want people to get out there and ride bikes. I’ve spent all of my working life getting people excited about bikes and even though spinal injuries happen to cyclists, and especially to mountain bikers, it’s very rare. I was unlucky, shit happens. Get out there and ride, for me.”
Later on this month I am taking part in the 3 Peaks Cyclo Cross raise to raise money and awareness for the RIDE FOR MICHAEL trust please enjoy the edit and donate.
Thank you so much for you support
Lets all RIDE FOR MICHAEL……………………………………………

SSWC2013 Italy – Cogne

Finalmente il SSWC (Ovvero Single Speed World Championships – Campionato Mondiale Singlespeed) arriva in Italia, per la precisione a Cogne nella splendida Valle d’Aosta.


Lapierre – Overvolt

The new Lapierre Overvolt range is an explosive mixture of energy and vitality, keen to conquer
new horizons….
Very powerful, the motor combines liveliness with a steady power output. With perfect precision
it adjusts the performance level to the effort of the cyclist, to deliver assistance adapted to all
types of terrain and to all speeds, from flat to steep, and from gentle to turbo.

New Meta AM HT 650b 2014 / COMMENCAL

Our Andorran mountains have a big influence on us, but we get that riders don’t need full-suspensions bikes.
Formerly known as the Ramones, the META HT may be seen as the ginger stepchild at first glance but it is fully assimilated to the META brood. Say goodbye to XC and its performance obsession! Only keep the hardtail setup, add fun and pleasure. Its Enduro position, with 650b wheels and 140mm travel fork are a big part of it
It feels good to climb with it but you will have a blast heading down.
MTB is not following any trend. It matures. And this META HT already found its righteous place…

Dueling Mojos

Kona Introduces Bike Park Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis

This past September Kona stole away Europe’s top mountain bike media after their Eurobike commitments, transporting them a couple hours away to the Austrian Alps and the brand new Bike Park Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Thanks to Benny Pregenzer and Stefan Mangott, the Kona Bike Park recently opened with three new wonderfully built trails, including a jump line with over 40 airs and features, a super tech black line, and a family friendly blue line. Both our athletes and journalists had a blast testing out our new collection of carbon Operator DH bikes and Process Enduro models.


Oregon Enduro Series Finals

The Oregon Enduro Series wraps up over the course of two days on Mt. Hood and Sandy Ridge (Ski Bowl). Conditions cleared up just in time for Saturdays race leaving the dirt solid and damp for racers over the weekend.
Video produced by Tom Teller | tellerdigital.com
Shot on a Sony FS700 w/ a 11-16 f/2.8 and 70-200 f/4.0. Cut on Premiere and After Effects.

Fabio Wibmer – GetCreative Street Trial

Finally here’s my video for the GetCreative freetrials video comp. It’s definitely very different to my other videos but as you can see I can be crative too, haha. The video was basically filmed in 4 days and I’m really pleased with the result. Sad to say I couldn’t land the frontflip after five tries becaues I smashed my rear rim. But I think the front in the video is still pretty cool.
I really want to say a big thank you to my two cousins Klemens and Johannes Wibmer for helping me and of course to my sponsors for supporting me!!


Toll Road to Consciousness

Submitted as my entry for the Weekend Challenge 6 – 10 September 2013. Not more than one minute in length, this is the opening scene for a movie Vimeo titled “Toll Road to Consciousness”. Vimeo writes: “Please don’t feel constrained by this wacky title we’ve chosen! Your submission doesn’t need to include a toll road or even mention one; think of it as a metaphor — or interpret it literally if you’d like! ” There is, of course, a play on the word “un-consciousness” and the toll a mountain-bike cross-country event takes on a cyclist.


Game of B.I.K.E. – Christoph Baier vs. Claudiu Dulacioiu

Drift HD Ghost: Prague Downtown with Michal Prokop

Drift team rider, Michal Prokop, got back on the bike after just 8 weeks since his elbow injury and placed 6th in the Prague Downtown urban mountain bike competition.


Fixed Gear Nightride Berlin

It is night in the streets of Berlin, Germany. We accompany 50 Bikers through the heart of the city. Enjoy the smooth Pictures of the new active 3-axis steadycam system by MOVIK. All scenes were shot on a Canon 5D Mark III. The Tour was organized by Domestiques Berlin.

Thanks to everyone that sent in suggestions this week. If you’ve seen or made anything you reckon should be up here next time, the address is, as ever: newsdesk@singletrackworld.com.

And remember: Keep feeling fascination, yeah?

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    I know, it’s like bad dream with clowns on bikes chasing you down a mountain. Very impressed with Fabio’s vid though.

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