e*thirteen focuses on Trail Security for 2014

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New rings, cranks, and wheels to keep you rolling

For 2014, the Hive’s rough and tumble brand is coming on strong with a wide range of new components aimed at trail, all-mountain, and (you guessed it) Enduro riders.  e*thirteen’s TRS family of components is designed to provide the balance of weight and strength needed to get riders “up and down the mountain fast and secure.”  Shorthand for TRail Security, the TRS line comes in three flavours: a top-level, lightweight TRSr (race) level; a slightly less-complex (and less costly) TRS+ level; and an accessible TRS level (which will be seen most often as OEM spec).

Fat teeth, skinny teeth.

While it’s easy to dismiss as hype, once any time has been spent on a modern wide-range 1x drivetrain (currently limited to SRAM’s XO1 and XX1), it’s awfully hard to go back to front shifting.  Neatly bringing together their retention device, chainring, and crankset experience, e*thirteen’s Guidering M (for modified) is a direct mount narrow-wide chainring designed to be all a trail rider needs.  When combined with a clutch-type derailleur, the Guidering M is said to offer better chain retention, less drivetrain friction, and lighter weight than traditional drivetrains.  In fact, e*thirteen recommend the new Guidering M for all single ring applications- from state-of-the-art XX1 to purist singlespeed use, and into downhill with appropriate chain retention.

Of course, everyone and their grandma seems to have a narrow-wide ‘ring for 2014, so why e*thirteen?  The Guidering M is said to offer industry-leading engagement at extreme chain angles.  Unique anodizing claims to be the “longest wearing of any dual width design,” and the rings don’t make use of others’ intellectual property.

We’ve been on a 32t Guidering M for the past six weeks and it has worked as promised.  When combined with a SRAM XX1 drivetrain, the ring has been every bit as quiet as stock, seems to be wearing as well as SRAM’s ring, and has yet to drop.  So far, there’s been no need to resort to a chain device for anything short of full-on downhill.  Because the direct mount configuration does without the usual spider and hardware, the sturdy alloy TRSr crankset weighs 678g with a BSA bottom bracket: 25g over XX1 seems a small price to pay for alloy bashability.

So fresh and so clean.
So fresh and so clean.

Which brings us to cranks.  Having done away with previous generations’ painstaking spacer-and-spring setup, the current crop of TRS cranksets now offers easy tool-free bearing adjustment.  The tank drivetrain derived P3 Connect 3-lobe polygon spindle interface remains, as does the massive (for BSA bottom brackets) 30mm alloy spindle.  In addition to the Guidering M version above, integrated double chainring sets are also offered.  With a 22/36t Shiftring combination the TRSr crankset and bottom bracket is said to weigh in at 741g.  28t through 38t (even) single rings as well as 20/34t, 22/36t, and 24/38t doubles will be offered.

e*thirteen likes shifty folk, too.
e*thirteen likes shifty folk, too.

Grumble 650b mumble mumble.

Well, e*thirteen has heard you, you 26in stalwart!  Sure, the obligatory 27.5in wheelset is in evidence, but the company’s updated TRSr wheelset is will also be offered in a 1,560g 26in version.  Despite being based in parched California, UK riders’ needs are addressed with a new hub seals designed to keep what’s outside… outside.  The hubs are available with XD (XX1/XXO) drivers and on standard versions steel inserts cassette spline should reduce marring.  All told, the hubs lose 60g but maintain the brand’s trademark high/wide flange spacing.

Do a wheelie!
Do a wheelie!

Tubeless-ready, the TRSr rims are 28mm wide (outside, 23.4mm inside), making them compatible with 2.5in tyres.  Rims boast a 30% improvement in rim stiffness and better dent resistance (thanks to meatier sidewalls), the TRSr are e*thirteen’s “best performing Enduro wheels ever.”  That’s right: ever.

Guide it
Guide it

Want to run a double without those embarrassing chain drops? Built upon a compression molded carbon backplate and making use of ISCG ’05 tabs, the TRSr Dual Guide is both lighter and stronger than plastic versions.  In order to maintain bike-wide visual cohesion, the plastic bits will be available in both black and white.

Plate it
Mmm… carbon.

If your focus is getting down – fast – the LG1r chainguide might be the ticket.  Here again, the carbon back plate is lighter and stronger than the plastic it replaces and the guides will be available in black or white.  The inside bashguard’s Impact Flexure Design is designed to flex away from the chainring on impact (as opposed to fracturing and splintering).  When the bashguard has flexed its last, replacements are available.  Of course, “lots of color options” will be available to match your personal style.

Double it
Time to get rad.

Also from the LG1 range are the LG1r pedals.  Updated seals reduce friction while a titanium spindle reduces weight.  The EXAr aluminum traction pins can be replaced or configured according to the rider’s preferences while the exterior plastics are replaceable when worn or damaged.  Patriots will enjoy the optional blue, red, and white plastics.  Headed to Les Gets?  Blue, white, and red plastics are available.  Americans are catered to with red, white, and blue.

There's a great future in plastics. Think about it.
There’s a great future in plastics.
Think about it.

Finally, though it’s not often the case, the Hive’s mission statement seemed worth including:

At the Hive, WE BELIEVE. . .

  • We believe in riding bikes. We all ride and we all like to ride our bikes.
  • We believe in riding every product we make. Everything gets tested on us first.
  • We believe in delivering new technology. We don’t like to copy everyone else. That is really boring.
  • We believe in using the least harmful processes we can to make bike parts.
  • We believe in recycling. We have tried to eliminate staples and glue from all of our newest packaging to make it easier for you.
  • We believe in using as little packaging as we can–and always using as much recycled content as possible.

We believe in bikes.

At the end of the day, the Hive want you to have fun on your bike while they have fun on theirs.

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