Syntace’s Megaforce 2 stem: stiffness for big bars

by Marc Basiliere 0

Wider than it is tall
Wider than it is tall

Wide handlebars can be a lot of fun.  Given enough space between the trees, the extra leverage that big bars provide can help even us scrawny folks manhandle even the biggest trail bike or highest-geared singlespeed.  But what German cockpit specialists Syntace found when their bars began measuring 700mm and beyond was that much of that extra leverage was being blunted by flexy XC stems.  So the Megaforce was born.

Works wrong-way-up too.
Works wrong-way-up too.

Wider than it is tall (42mm vs. 36mm) and topping out at 80mm long, the Megaforce 2 is a thoroughly modern stem.  The relatively low stack height works well with tall front ends and the reversible graphics allow for either +6° or -6° fitment.  Forged from aluminum, the Megaforce 2 ships with proper M5 titanium bolts (nicely tucked away from the knees at the steerer).  O-rings on the bolts’ threads keep them attached to the bar clamp during installation while the included stem cap sits flush with the top of the stem for a clean cockpit (for anyone willing to cut their steerer short enough).


Syntace tout the Megaforce 2 as passing the German VR-3 downhill standard DH 2002.4, said to be “the world‘s toughest test standard for handlebars and stems.”  The company has tested has and approved the stem for use with bars of 800mm regardless of rider weight.  Despite a reasonable 142g weight (80mm), the stem has never felt anything less than stout when combined with 740mm bars, with none of the flex that singlespeeding often provokes.

Wide bars? Stiff stem.
Wide bars?
Stiff stem.

Bigger and more aggressive riders will appreciate the stiffness and confidence that this stout (but not overly heavy stem) brings.  Our Megaforce 2 found a home helping to make the most of the tapered steerer and massive front end on a race singlespeed.  Between the noticeable stiffness and confidence, its testing to a neutral standard, and the lack of a weight limit, the Syntace is an easy recommendation.

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