Classic Weekender Bonfire PWNd by Singular Cycles

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Todmorden, June 2012: Singular Cycles announced as title sponsor of the Weekender Big Bonfire.

The official statement from Singular Cycles reads as follows, “Many a bike race has the Singular team travelled to over the years. Wherever our competitive urges take us, there is one accoutrement we can barely manage without. That is our trusty barbeque cum fire-pit.

“Yes it’s old, yes it’s rusty, yes it makes a mess of the back of the van. But there is nothing more welcome at the end of a long day’s riding than sitting in front of a fire with your team-mates, friends (and people who just want to get in on the action) than a good fire.

“The people at Singletrack realise this and so have made theirs the one race of the year I need not remember to take the axe and petrol, and for that I am grateful. However those who know me are generally familiar with my pyromaniacal tendencies, and as such will not be surprised to hear that this year Singular is sponsoring the now infamous inferno of the Singletrack Weekender.

“No, we won’t be throwing frames on that burgeoning blaze, but we will be stoking the riding flames within by awarding a fire retardant suit (OK, so lycra is not known for its fire retardancy, but you will look cool as you burn to death) to the hottest* rider of the weekend.

“*Whether this is in terms of riding ability, physical attractiveness, or whoever is prepared to stand closest to the fire remains to be seen and is at the judge’s sole discretion.”

The bonfire is just one of many things that happen during the Saturday evening of the Classic Weekender.

As well as the main events, the Weekender hosts a number of extra just-for-fun mini-events during the Saturday evening. The floodlit pump track challenge is always a popular one. This year there’ll be a couple more extra mini-events: elbows-out mass-start hill sprint challenge and a last-rider-standing ‘bike derby’.

It sounds cliched to say it (we’re going to say it anyway) but the real winners of the Weekender are those who have the most fun.

Lee Quarry, Lancashire, July 14-15, 2012

A weekend of Downhill, Trials and XC racing
Three different races
One Bike.
The ultimate “all rounder” event

Only £40 for the whole weekend!
Includes camping.
Entry to all three events.
Each race MUST be completed on the SAME BIKE.


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