UK Mountain Bike Hall of Fame to launch at Wiggle Mountain Mayhem

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Pat Adams has been talking about a mountain bike hall of fame for years. While there is an International Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in the States, it’s rather US-centric. And there’s a British Cycling Hall of Fame too (of which Pat is an inductee) but Pat felt that there was nothing for the UK riders to have as their own.

The Hall of Fame will launch at the Wiggle Mountain Mayhem on June 22nd with its first dozen inductees. These represent some of the riders, organisers and other important characters who’ve helped inspire and influence this sport of ours.

The ‘hall’ as such will be virtual, with a permanent online exhibition, however at this month’s Wiggle Mountain Mayhem, there will be an actual exhibition of the characters involved where racers will be able to see who’s been nominated and inevitably come up with their own, different list.

While this first batch of inductees has been decided on by a small panel of bike industry characters, in future years, the Hall of Fame recipients will be nominated and voted on by the public.

We’ll run a story on the first inductees when they’re launched at Mayhem.
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    Colin Palmer deserves a place too!

    Tim Gould and JMc were my two heroes when I was a kid too!

    JMC died on my birthday, so I can never forget what a great rider he was; he should go in. Tim Gould, simply awesome. How about some of the early even pioneers: Schmoo, for example?

    Will it be as unimpressive as the US one, which is better described as the ‘corner of a shack of fame’?

    JMC has to be, along with Peaty. I think I should be in there, too, in all seriousness.

    That Tim Gould knew how to dope before anyone!

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