Midweek Mini Movies

by singletrackjon 9

Ahh., welcome to the first Midweek Movies of 2012. Before the Mayan prophecy causes the world to end later in the year (or not), we’re going to be bringing you the pick of the web’s miniature moving pictures.

The Kjerag Bolten, a boulder jammed above around 900m of drop in Norway, is famous among people that like to scare a bit of wee out themselves by jumping on (and off) it. We’re surprised noone thought of riding a bike off it earlier. While we’ve seen plenty of base jumping videos before, there is something about watching a bike accelerate into freefall that’s a little bit scary – a touch of perspective possibly. We particularly like the fact he has the brakes covered on the way down too.

Thanks to Mike Thomas for the link.

Seeing as we haven’t had any snow yet, here’s a bit of snow biking action. It doesn’t mean we want any though – okay?

More winter-season ‘fun’ now, with our Benji’s edit from last weekend’s Todcross, organised by a certain Mr Chippendale. They’ve gone and ruined Centre Vale Park.

Ahh, kids today. TWOCing cars, underage drinking, shredding the gnar – good old fashioned fun in this coming of age parody from freeride film-makers Kranked.

More snow – with a bit of a difference. Street skiing from JP Auclair’s segment in All.I.Can. Beautifully shot and a true bit of innovation in an ‘action sports’ video. The rest of the video is available to download on iTunes here…

If a Western is shot in eastern France and Belgium what does it make it? A steak hache Western? God knows, but this is a slightly bizarre mix of Western pastiche and dirt jump video – welcome to Far Dirt…

Alex Honnold is widely regarded as the best free soloist currently out there – and by ‘out there’ we assume them mean ‘managing to hold on to his life literally by the skin on his fingers’. We can’t think of anything less pleasant than having a crisis of confidence at 1,800 odd feet without a rope, harness or anything useful in sight.

Cheers for everyone’s suggestions – if you’ve seen anything good then send it to newsdesk@singletrackworld.com and we’ll pop it up here next week…

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  1. Can’t help feeling a little disappointed that he let go of the bike. I was expecting him to land with it 🙁

  2. Can’t help feeling a little disappointed that he didn’t give the bike to charity rather than tossing it off a cliff to litter the environment.

  3. this place is local to me. Always full of people chucking themselves off

    But it was a Trek. Probably covered by warranty if he was the original owner

  4. Those little kids are more technical than me.

  5. yeah, bit pointless using a bike and what a waste, etc.

  6. Love the Tod-X vid – nice work Benji.

    Seen the ski one before, also awesome.

    Also saw the Honnold one a while back, just insanely large balls…

  7. JP Auclair – in the ski vid – was a junior champion MTBer over in Canada before he got a bit injured and then got paid to “go pro” with the skiing gig. Bit of useless trivia there for y’all…

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