What’s bigger than the Trans-Alp? How about the Trans-Nepal?

by Chipps 2

The organisers of Yak Attack, (the world’s highest mountain bike race), have put together another Himalayan classic in the form of the “Trans Nepal”.

Extreme World Challenges, that has been running the high altitude race for six years, has decided it’s now time to bring mountain bike racing, Nepali style, to the masses. Trans Nepal is a five-day stage race linking the capital city, Kathmandu with the tourist retreat and lakeside city of Pokhara, using back country jeep tracks and trails through isolated, rural villages. The race, which is scheduled to finish on New Year’s Eve 2012, is going to be run under a ‘Trans-Wales’ format with timed stages within the total stage so it will be suitable for those just wanting to go along for the ride as well as the more competitive riders.

Amongst the timed stages will be a 14km downhill section and a 10km climb, with a total of eight timed stages planned over the five day, 250km course. Riders and attending partners will stay in tented camps overnight, with buffet style breakfast and dinner included in the entry fee and although it will be winter in Nepal, the race is at a fairly low altitude (1900m max, 350m min) and temperatures should be around 20c during the day and above freezing at night time. The event will finish in Pokhara on new year’s eve 2012 but for those looking for even more excitement there will be a multi-sport fun event taking place around Pokhara lakeside on Jan 01 2013.

The entry fee for Trans Nepal is £395 per rider or £295 for non riders which includes tented accommodation, buffet style breakfast/evening meal, transport of belongings between camps, medical/mechanical support, food/drink stations. Entries are limited to 100 on a first come, first serve basis. For more details visit www.extremeworldchallenges.com

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  1. wow… that sounds pretty cool! Not sure the wife will go for it, with 2 under twos, though!

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