StilettosOnWheels 2012

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Hot news (in hot pink) from the south coast for female riders. Yes, September is a while off but this will be worth putting in your diary, whether you’re race-curious or a seasoned pro…

StilettosOnWheels is a new two- and four-hour MTB race for women only. With this event, we hope to create greater focus on women in the mountain bike sport. Our ambition for this event is to get more female riders into the sport and give them an opportunity to compete with and against each other.

StilettosOnWheels is inspired by the Danish MTB series (below), which is now in its fourth year. It has been a huge success, with an average of 130 female MTBers competing at all skill levels.

Not a stiletto, court or kitten heel in sight. Lots of nice bikes though.

StilettosOnWheels’ concept is to create a forum for all women who are interested in mountain biking. There will room for everyone on track, both beginners and more experienced. The track will be designed so that everyone can master it and have a fun time. There are Pairs and Solo categories, which are divided in Elite and Sport for the two and four hours.

We know that starting to race can be quite challenging, so we’ve arranged to help our new starters with online advice, where we answer all your questions of how to prepare for a race, what to eat during a race, etc. Additionally we’ll be offering course pre-ride sessions with elite racer Maddie Horton, who will share her race experience with the girls and make sure that everyone is comfortable and relaxed on the start line.

Event Location: Stanmer Park, Brighton
Start: 11.00 am
Date: 8th September 2012
Contact: Irene Lachner
Phone: 07535639070

Image thanks to Camilla Hylleberg

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