iceBike 2011 Part 2: Saracen, Continental, Genesis

by 7

Here’s part two from Jamie and Mark’s visit to see what’s new with importer Madison, presented to you via the medium of a magic scrolling gallery.

New mud rubber from Continental, the amazing value Saracen bike range including the Myst downhill bike, the Ariel trail bike, the reborn Kili Flyer and Zen hardcore hardtail and loads more – check it out.

If you missed part one with Thule, Park Tool and more then check HERE

Comments (7)

    Don’t want to be an arse, but pretty sure the Myst comes with a VanR shock, the RC2 is only on the frame only option?
    Good to see the Saracen brand back.

    I’m liking that embossed head tube a LOT

    Is that another downhill team with a horsebox?

    wow! since wen did saracen make good bikes??? lol

    can you make these old skool scroll down too rather than just the gallery?

    I’d really like a Zen for some reason.

    what does DD ready mean on the mud king tyre???

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