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Woo! Friday! That means there’s plenty of new and exciting kit for you to have a peruse through this afternoon – now with added gallery if you don’t like scrolling down…

Singletrack Magazine Issue 64

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Sim is super stoked with the new front cover...

First up – yes! It’s Issue 64! Ten years of hard work on the magazine has paid off – this is the final cover, complete with the golden title. Subscribers’ copies of the magazine will be posted on Monday and should arrive shortly after…

Price: £3.99 in your local bike shops or £4.25 in other outlets – or you could subscribe and save yourself the hassle…

From: Singletrack Stockists or our Online Shop

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We’re going to get these framed so we’ve got something to bore our grandchildren with when we’re too broken to ride anything but a zimmer frame.

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Golden title...

The sun always shines on the rolling hills of Tod. Honest.

Chris King Espresso Tamper

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Probably doesn't work any better but looks much nicer...

This is one of a rather special, limited run of special Chris King coffee tampers. They like the brown bean juice just as much as the Singletrack staff, so they’ve made these, using a heavyweight steel base with alloy Chris King headset top.

Price: £75

From: Evolution Imports

Singletrack 10th Anniversary Tea Mug

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Limited edition - just 100 of these have been made...

Following on from the coffee tamper we’ve got this – yes, we will get on to the bike stuff soon – but we’ve made a strictly limited run of 100 of these splendid mugs to celebrate our birthday. Yes, we are going to keep going on about it. They carry a whole pint of your favoured beverage – and if you drink gin from yours then they’ll become much rarer.

Price: £10

From: Singletrack Shop

Feedback Sports Sport Mechanic Bike Repair Stand

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Stand and deliver...

This folding repair stand has a rapid spinner closure and it’ll take weights of up to 65lbs. Thanks to the folding tripod feet and telescopic design it’ll fold away to a nice portable size and should remain nice and stable as you remove all the skin from your knuckles and then kick your bike. The clamp rotates a full 360° and it’s only 5.6kg thanks to the aluminium design.

Price: £149.99

From: 2Pure

The Good Mountain Biking Guide

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Better than the good sex guide. Fact.

This new book contains a staggering 640 pages with 1,000 route suggestions covering the whole of England and Wales, taking in 400 natural areas and 100 trail centres. It’s packed full of photographs and has loads of information on nearby pubs, facilities and bike shops for each route – it’s probably the most comprehensive route guide we’ve seen.

Price: £19.95

From: Active Maps and shortly the Singletrack Shop (discounted for subscribers)

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Look! We’re in it!

Weldtite TF2 Teflon spray lubricant

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TF2 Spray lube...

Weldtite do some excellent value maintenance kit and this is their maintenance spray for cleaning surfaces and repelling dirt. It’s got added Teflon in there for extra lubrication and should keep you shiny stuff shiny.

Price: £4.99 for 400ml aerosol spray can

From: Weldtite

Cyclo Spoke Adjuster

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Cyclo tools spoke key

Cyclo is Weldtite’s range of tools and this spoke key is designed to fit the three most common spoke sizes of 3.23/3.30/3.45mm. It’s designed to be narrow enough to fit inbetween tightly packed spokes and should give good spoke nipple wrap around despite being a small tool.

Price: £4.49

From: Weldtite

Cyclo Ezytech Tyre Levers

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Tyre levers...

These slim tipped, lightweight polymer tyre levers are nice and thin so they should fit in the tightest of beads and the tips are also nice and wide, which should make getting tyres off a breeze.

Price: TBC

From: Weldtite

Cyclo Advanced Tools Instructional DVD

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The Knowledge...

If you need a hand using some of the more specialist tools that Cyclo produce (such as reamers and facers) then they’ve made this instructional DVD for you. If you head to Cyclo’s website they also have an excellent range of instructional videos available online…

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