Video: Welcome to Spring

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The other day Matt, Sim and Benji headed out of the Valley bottom and up onto the moors, into one of the first days of spring. They rode their bikes, sat in the glaring sunlight we’ve missed so much – and enjoyed some Chip Sticks. It’s all on video for you to share. No massive hucks, no Akrigg/MacAskill mad skills, just having fun on a bike.

Welcome to spring everyone…

..have a good weekend riding. See you on Monday…

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    I wish the spring would hurry up and move eastwards. Its been grey and freezing cold all week in Lincolnshire 🙁
    Perhaps soon though…

    whaaaaat was with the gro0O0o0OUnd at the end?!?

    Mr Akrigg is quaking, I’m sure

    I thought Spring bugun on the 21st?

    Is Cragg Vale worth an explore? Lots of funky looking paths on the map zig zagging their way down the west side of the valley…

    Cragg Vales crap, nothing to see, move along now.

    Thought we had that -…………………………………………………….. (Removed for selfish reasons)

    Mountain biking’s great 🙂

    yeah its not akrigg etc but thats mint and it encapsulates riding with mates at its best. Sweet!

    Very pleasant. Cheers lads.

    Laarvely. Wish I lived near a hill…

    Mr Akrigg is quaking, I’m sure

    Well everyone in that video beat him yesterday ;p

    Great vid! Riding with mates in the sunshine. Does it get any better?

    Cheeky? Been riding round calderdale a few times and never been on trails like the ones you have in your vids.

    nice vid and tunes.

    I like the look of that. Goinig to go do something similar tomorrow morning aroung The Mynd.

    Currently sat in Canada at the end of a ski season and can’t wait to get home and ride. This video is exactly what its about! Peace

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