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The end of the week has arrived and soon it’ll be time to escape the daily grind of the working week and taste the sweet, sweet freedom of the weekend. The start to this week’s Fresh Goods particularly relevant considering the weather.

It’s a mass of Nikwax proofing products. After Matt wrote his review of the Montane Dyno he mentioned that it’s DWR (durable water repellent) properties could be rejuvenated by using some Nikwax. Well, they make much more than just the wash in Tech Wash cleaner and TX.Direct re-proofer for Goretex and eVent fabrics now and have a special spray on Softshell Proof that revives breathability and helps water repellency. We’ve also got some Visor Proof for helping water bead off googles and glasses, Foot Wear Cleaning Gel, Fabric & Leather Proof spray, Glove Proof, Wool Wash for merino base layers, Polar Proof for synthetic fleece fabrics and Basewash, which cleans and freshens synthetic base layers as well as enhacing their wicking properties. Basically we’re going to be the best smelling, most waterproof bike journo types out there.

Price: From £5

From: Nikwax

We’ve also had a massive delivery of 2011 SRAM kit. First up it’s the Rock Shox Sektor RL Solo Air forks. These are their new mid range trail forks sitting below the Revelations in the RS lineup. They’re available with a mass of steerer (1.125, tapered, 1.5) and lower leg (QR, 15QR, 20mm) options as well as adjustable travel, coil and air spring options. That, combined with the wide range of dampers, mean there should be a Sektor to suit almost every pocket. These Solo Airs are fixed at 150mm travel, although they are internally adjustable from in 10mm increments from 130mm upwards. These models have low speed compression adjust, rebound adjust, a lockout and use the 20mm Maxle lite system…

Price: £424.99

From: Fisher Outdoor Leisure

Stepping up in the world of burl we have the new Rock Shox Lyrik RC2DH 170mm Coil forks. They use the latest Mission Control DH damper, which dispenses with the threshold damping and instead has a high flow compression adjuster instead for more gravity biased performance. Again, a number of spring and steerer options are available but they are 20mm Maxle Lite only. Neat features such as the anodised travel gradients remain and Jon is looking forward to putting these on the Intense Tracer 2 when it arrives….

Price: £849.99

From: Fisher Outdoor Leisure

We’ve also got a pair of Rock Shox Lyrik RC2DH 170mm Solo Air forks, which use the same damper but in an air sprung platform and these particular ones have a plain 1.125″ steerer. We’re looking forward to seeing how they stack up against their coil brethren, as well as the other long travel air forks on the market.

Price: £999.99

From: Fisher Outdoor Leisure

These Rock Shox Revelation RLT Ti 150mm Dual Position air forks sit in the middle of the Revelation trail riding range. They use the BlackBox damping cartridge with detented compression adjust, rebound, lockout and ‘Gate’ threshold for pedalling efficiency. They have the new Maxle Lite 15mm lowers too…

Price: £759.99

From: Fisher Outdoor Leisure

The Rock Shox Sid RLT Ti Dual Air 120mm forks could well be the forks that move SIDs from the world of XC racing to lightweight trail riding. With 15mm through axle lowers, five inches of travel and the latest BlackBox damper they should be able to cope with terrain that has very little in common with your average race loop.

Price: £744.99

From: Fisher Outdoor Leisure

Rock Shox Reverbs are a bit like buses  – you don’t see any for ages and then a load turn up. Matt has already fitted once to his Long Term Lapierre Spicy and this one is due for Issue 64’s grouptest.

Price: £274.99

From: Fisher Outdoor Leisure

We’ve also got some of the more affordable SRAM 10spd groupsets instead of the X0 and XX that’s we’ve had on test for a while now. Here we have the SRAM x.7 2x10spd trigger shifters which should make SRAM 10spd much more affordable. The trigger units are Matchmaker clamp compatible too, so if you’re running Avid brakes you can have a nice clean bar setup…

Price: £73.99

From: Fisher Outdoor Leisure

..and a SRAM X7 rear mech to match. This one is a medium cage but long and short cage versions are also available…

Price: £74.99

From: Fisher Outdoor Leisure

Moving up a group we have the SRAM X9 2×10 trigger shifters. Lighter and smoother than the X7s, they’re available in lots of colours to match your bike build, but we really like the understated grey…

Price: £115.99

From: Fisher Outdoor Leisure

Here’s the SRAM X9 medium cage 10spd mech. Carbon cage, colour coded knuckles…

Price: £99.99

From: Fisher Outdoor Leisure

..and the X9 PG1070 10spd 12-36T cassette. Semi spider construction to keep the weight low while being cheaper than the fully spidered Xo and one piece XX versions. Seven variants are available to give a full selection of ratios…

Price: £69.99

From: Fisher Outdoor Leisure

This is the X7 level PG1050 12-36T cassette. It uses a semi spider construction and there’s a host of ratios to pick from, including tighter 11-28T versions for more downhill orientated builds.

Price: £59.99

From: Fisher Outdoor Leisure

we also have a set of X7 2×10 S1400 cranks with 39/26T rings. They use the Truvativ GXP external BB  and hollow forged arms. Three speed, BB30 and PF30 and 42/28 versions are also available.

Price: £181.99

From: Fisher Outdoor Leisure

These Avid Elixir CR brakes are now matched with the X9 groupset and use Taperbore technology to provide maximum modulation and bite point adjust as well as reach.

Price: £204.99

From: Fisher Outdoor Leisure

These Avid Elixir R brakes the match for the X7 groupset and come in a nice carbon colour too. They also use Taperbore technology but only have reach adjust instead of the bite point and reach of the X9 brakes.

Price: £159.99

From: Fisher Outdoor Leisure

Comments (16)

    Wow, stuff is expensive nowadays!

    no piccy’s displaying for me, of the X9 10speed and final X7 kit (not that I’m worried about it either), though all the rest come up fine…

    Really keen to see a ride review of the SID RLT Ti. I reckon they are top of my list (that’s just the new forks list btw 😉 ).

    Are those the standard stickers? I normally see pictures of them with a red sticker, and much prefer the white sticker.

    Hi Sam, Steve from Fisher here. The Sid RLTs come with red, blue, gold and black decals in the box so you can match them to your X0. Or you can leave them white…

    Err, Sektors are not available after market in anything other than 1.125″ steerers. SRAM in their infinite wisdom only make the taper versions available for OE. There is no 1.5″ version made at all. As for the wide range of dampers, well, the R and TK versions are OE only. You can only buy the RL version aftermarket. There still are 8 variants of the RL, true enough. Aren’t product specs a joy 😉

    Been running X9 2×10 in that nice subtle grey since October last year and absolutely love it.

    Also been running a Reverb since the start of January and apart from having to remove a bit of air from the hydro hose before using (doesn’t take much effort and it comes with the bleed kit) it’s been faultless so far.

    Don’t know how I managed without a dropper post before….

    I wonder if the bike industry realises that we’re all stuffed and stuck in a credit crunch ?

    mebby not I guess :-/

    Do you get to keep all this stuff you are sent?

    At those prices, if my forks ever break, I’m going to have to get really good at wheelies.

    ‘mid-range’ kit at ‘top-end’ prices

    Have the coil Sektors. So far they have been bulletproof.

    Perfect for drive-bys….

    Fork RRPs are utterly insane, aren’t they.

    Got me some of them 2011 RC”DH 170mm Lyrik airs. Got them from them Yankee boys over the pond! 550 knicker. Much more reasonable…although i of course understand that several federal crimes were committed to avoid me having to pay all that nasty duty and tax stuff that they blokes from Fischer have to bung on. They look good though and the chap told me they were much better than the Fox 36’s I was going to get – perhaps what he really meant was that there was more profit margin on them….(If anyone from the Customs and Excise reads this I will say it was typed by my five year old whilst my back was turned).

    mediocre kit at Fox prices – why would anyone buy it?

    I was advised by Allterrain to go with Fox, seemed to make sense & I’m happy with them – Float 150mm 32 RLC with the FIT dampers. Work much better than the previous 09 TALAS 32 RLC which I thought were pretty good. Replaced due to creaking. Will fix & put on another bike though.

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