Core Bike 2011: Part One

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Brace yourselves! There is loads and loads of new stuff below. Prepare to gasp at bright new colours, bold new graphics… and some genuinely new bits and bobs.


A few new bits and bobs from the mighty  ‘M’ including these new entry level marathon forks. By using butted steel stanchions and an open oil bath they come in at a wallet-friendly price of £239.00. Available in 100-120 mm . They still have lockout and rebound for this money.

The 66 and 888 are both available with steel springs instead of TI for this year as well. It puts a bit of weight on your bike but saves tons in your pocket. 66 retails for £799.00 with a steel spring and the 888 come in at £899.00


Nokon have always made cable routing freaks happy. They’re now also going to make weight weenies swoon as well. These gear cables they claim are 58% lighter than ‘normal cables’.


Hot tip here: want to get in with a headset manufacturer? Offer them a shoulder to cry on as they tell you about the madness that is the modern world of headsets. Without fail anyone that was offering headsets at Core were basically saying “WTF?” So many variants so many headtubes. FSA Gravity light are offering four of the more popular varients.

Also new ABS Plastic/carbon fibre  chain guide. It’s 70 grammes lighter than the metal equivalent model.

Gravity Light whip caps – with a cut away wedge in the star fangled nut. Lookdown-turndowns will be yours!

New disc and rim compatible entry level wheels from FSA £159.00

RRP Bearing press is a pretty thing .


Matt from 18 Bikes models the Dyno Jacket we reviewed recently on the site.

Montane Photon is fully waterproof and 180 grammes.


Stans Rims available in 26 ” and 29, on their own 3.30 hubs.


Ladies love bears as well. Sombrio has great fun stuff to ride in this year.

80’s BMX/California inspired DH/Freeride top.

Dmr /Kinesis

The prettiest  tapered headtube out there? 898 is on our list of “need but won’t use ” bikes this year. Or else we’ll get one and get laughed at by the cool kids at the park.

The Bolt is very nearly ready (well it’s actually “on the water” as we type). 5″ of suspension sprung “mash you in the face” goodness. The pivot  rotates around the BB. All bearings are Norglide spherical jobbers to keep it nice and stiff.

Tons of Vault pedals in loads of lovely colours.


This is the Identiti test-bed DH bike. It’s being tested by their UK DH 4x team and should be out next year .

Estimated price is going to £1200.00! More info as soon as we get it.

Nitro Pedals. Lots of colours and axle options.

This crazy bolt-on attachment turns your helmet (or cardboard box) in to a speaker.

TSG have loads of ace new graphics.

Renthal now have a low rise bar to complement their other bars.

White Brothers have new forks! They’re now using a magnesium lower leg rather than the machined aluminum we’re used to. The forks are closed system in terms of damping but have oil bath lubrication. Slotted Norglide  bushes in the lower legs for better stanchion support and better lubing. The other thing about these forks is ease of travel adjustment (for an externally un-adjustable fork that is). Taking out the damping circuit and the whole fork is adjusted via a circlip in the bottom of the cartridge.

The 15mm axle uses a Shimano-type threaded attachment at one end and an expandable wedge at the other end. The result being an axle that clamps at both ends equally.


Turner Flux looking good with laser-etched graphics.

Rocky Mountain Element. XTR. Bling. Carbon everything. The kind of bike P-Diddy wants.

New Raceface Turbine Stem. Loads of lengths available and good for race/trail… and a bit of hucking.

Colours matter.

Evolve Stem – £39.00.

Raceface’s new NEXT SL  cranks. The urge to use the word bling is strong. Raceface claims it’s lighter than XTR by a quarter pound and 150 grammes lighter than XX! Chain rings are good for either Shimano or SRAM 10spd. The arms are the only completely hollow carbon arms on the market (No exo skeleton or aluminum supports inside). All of their carbon bits and bobs are made in Canada.

Nice aren’t they?

10spd /0ne speed chain rings  -loads of people seem to be making single-ring chain rings this year for 10 spd.

Raceface does some really nice kit. For gents…

And ladies…

The Kyber. Women specific knee pads (these are not just resized they’re anatomically redesigned to be women specific).

I’m sure other people have seen these  – The Flank. They’re a soft pad with a lower half shin pad as well for pedal strikes, which for those of you that find fully hardened shin pads unbearable to pedal in, but also seem unable to stay on flats (ahem) these could prove to be the answer.

Evoc has loads of nice new colours and this pack the FR Trail. 20 Litres. Looks good for big days out or for attaching pads and lids for bike a hikes to the top of mountains.

SDG storm saddle. Impregnated divots of rubber so you can grip on the slippiest downhills. “Lots” of SDG-sponsored downhillers have been adding bits of tyres to their saddles on really muddy courses (so that’ll be most of them last year). This is the ready-made answer just for that.

More soon..

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    ‘There,’ as in ‘over there.’ Opposite to ‘here.’

    ‘Their,’ as in ‘their now also going to make weight weenies swoon,’on their own 3.30 hubs,’ and ‘being tested by their UK Dh 4x team.’

    Those Nitro pedals look nice though. Any details on price/weight?

    Doh. The first one should obviously have been ‘they’re’.

    Egg, meet face.

    Egg, meet face.

    Now, I had been toying with asking if anyone had proof-read this posting, but that’s why I didn’t 😛


    “a axle that clamps at both ends equally”

    > an axle

    – i like doing corrections make me feel like i work for singletrack 😛

    along similar lines:
    “Renthal noW have a low rise bar”

    Nice looking kit all round though. 🙂

    Is it just a crazy camera angle, or are those Vaults absolutely mahoosive?

    “Renthal No have a low rise bar to complement there other bars.

    No -> now
    there -> their

    Cranks are nice, but claimed weight on RaceFace products is always very dubious, and no doubt the arms will need those stupid rubber boots to prevent them from being damaged.

    Proof read and corrected now :]

    The weights are bang on, we do have scales in Cornwall you know 🙂
    As for the ‘stupid rubber boots’ you don’t HAVE to run the boots, they come with the cranks as an extra because believe it or not some people like to use them to protect the ends of their £500 cranks, crazy eh?

    Proof read my RRRS!

    ” Downhillers have been adding bits of tyres to there saddles”


    Loving all the shiny things.

    Is the Nitro pedal not just yet another HT Nano with a £30 markup because of the cool name? I like Gusset but this is pretty poor if it is, that’s positively Nukeproofian.

    if you want to get really pedantic, its a spindle, not an axle (but this is open to interpretation)… discuss..

    Richie – Thanks or the confirmation, those really are rather tempting now! Would look nice on my Element RSL.

    Proof read and corrected now :]

    Start again 😉 – – – –

    Slotted Norglide slotted bushes…….

    When did Rocky Mountain Elements start having chainstay pivots? Has the Altitude’s suspension design trickled down to the Element then?

    FYI P-Diddy is now known as Diddy Dirty Money.



    “The kyber. Women specific knee pads (these are not just resized there anatomically redesigned to be women specific).”

    That should be:
    The kyber. Women specific knee pads (these are not just resized they’re anatomically redesigned to be women specific).

    if you mean “they are” you want to use “they’re”.


    That ‘Bear’ shirt has a very low cut. Just the thing to stop any ladies wearing it from getting too hot on the trails!!!

    Would it be sexist to ask for suggestions as to who we’d most like to see modelling it?

    Had to get that in before anyone else.

    Like the look of the RF Turbine stem.

    Can someone translate this bit, please: “Gravity Light whip caps – with a cut away wedge in the star fangled nut. Lookdown-turndowns will be yours!”

    Like the cheap Marzocchi and the RF stem.

    love the idea of the speaker helmet.
    wonder how well that works.
    i bet it munches through battery too, unless it has an internal amp.

    Would help when editing helmet-cam movies. Just play the soundtrack straight into the video!

    In response to some questions raised above:
    The Gusset Nitro pedals are not off-the-peg items, they have been designed from the ground up. Approx price should be rrp£79.99 with cro-mo axles. A Ti axle upgrade kit should also be available.
    The Tunebug helmet speaker has an internal battery (it can be charged via mains or usb).
    And some extra info: White Bros Loop Forks are due out in March rrp£599.99.
    We are looking to have a price tag of around £1,000.00 for the Identiti DH frame with shock.
    Cheers Matt – Ison Sales & Marketing Manager

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