Core Bike 2011: Part Two

by 23

This time with fewer mistakes (There’s a pot of coffee and a cup of espresso in the furnace today)


The new 10 speed options from SRAM and Shimano are spawning a resurgence of non-ramped chain-rings and, as seen, bash guards for the new size BCDs.

Odd and even sizes will be available to fine tune your 1×10

Hope Proto-type crank-arms and chain device – Very new in terms of spindles and BB compatibility but kind of retro in the looks department.

Hope’s new incredibly powerful LED offering (available Autumn)  – We walked around with sun spots in front of our eyes for hours afterwards.

The two indicators on the top of the light  give a power setting for the light and battery power runtime left.

The Hope District – Incredibly bright rear LED for use during the day and night. They had one in a tree outside the window of their show display and you could see it flashing clearly from about 50m away on a clear bright day.


As ever Fox is doing a massive range of gloves – some of them now have a new treatment called ironmask™ where a waterproof  treatment is encapsulated into the fibres of the material so it can’t wash out – Not only does water run off nicely, it helps keep the gloves cleaner longer.

OJ Simpson’s favourite – this is the Stealth Bomber – Full-grain leather palm and the knuckles are covered with one of those new smart materials Poron XRD™ (The previous model had carbon knuckles to protect you)

A piss-pot to go to war in…

Flux is available in pink and a smaller size for women.

Fox claims that the air cool material used in their jerseys wicks better than most and can keep you 2 degrees cooler.

New lid from Fox; the Striker. Lighter than the Flux and with a better retention system.
Crank Brothers/Lizard Skins/Ibis.
Crank brothers has a new entry-level (Well maybe “high-end but not the absolute top price” would be better) level wheel set. It uses a Formula rear hub and a wider, slightly heavier rim comes in 9-15 mm at the front compatible – £500.00
Cobalt stem
Cobalt in carbon.  Their shorter stem all come under the Iodine Moniker.
Ibis HD is available now in two incarnations: 140mm.
And 160mm
The Mojo has gone from the range – if you want a light one go for an SL if you want to ride it harder get a HD.
Lizard Skins in bright new colours
Lots and lots of colours.
Minewt Cordless is great commute light, or helmet light come to that – USB chargeable. 250 Lumens will cost you £129.99
Or the 150 Lumens will cost you £100.00 – This will also probably get you into a post party at the Trekkie Convention.
Lightning bugs are Niterider’s answer to the urban commute/emergency pack lights.
Rohloff have got a new round shifter! (gasp)  – they’ve also improved spring tension so the shift is lighter.
Salsa- Surly
Sim and myself were confused as to why we both a) Were physically sickened by the Surly Troll and b) Still wanted one.
The revolting colour  is worse in real life , and yet we still were still left yearning- The bike is designed to take every wheel size, brake type, trailer attachment, hub/singlespeed/derailleur combination known to man. It made me want to grow my beard back and head off to the countryside and plot the downfall of society. Probably with a pair of oddly bent bars on the front and a coaster brake.
More Utility.
The Salsa Mukluk – is a snow/sandune bike- Unlike the Surly Pugsley it’s symmetrical, but does come with the freak standard of the show: a 175mm rear end! When it’s not snowing or sand-storming you can use step-downs so you can run ‘normal’ wheels on it. The reflective accents are there to stop you getting hit by snowploughs – No really!
Salsa was quite an early adopter of 29ers. This is the Spearfish with 80mm of flex pivoted travel at the back, and of course a tapered headtube – it uses a propriety aluminium/scandium mix and weighs just five pounds.
More soon…

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