XTR 2011 First Look Video

by singletrackjon 9

Here’s a little treat for all our delightful Premier Users out there: Chipps takes us on a walkthrough of the new 2011 XTR during his recent trip to Austria. If you missed the main report where he took a detailed first look at the groupset then click HERE.

[premiervideo src=”extras/Issue59/ChippsXTR.m4v” height=”385" width=”640"]

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Comments (9)

  1. So new XTR has squeeky brakes.

    all that R’n’D money and nobody seems to be able to fix squeeky brake syndrome

  2. squeaky brakes?! I’ll wait for 2012.

  3. The cranks look sexy though

  4. boxed in fork arch!, I’ve not bought a fork in ages, is this a new thing?

  5. I cant believe I’ve just clicked a link on STW (the ‘HERE’ one) that opened a new page, is this progress?

  6. @2unfit2ride – target=”_blank” is a deprecated function. It takes control away from the user. I’ll decide if a link should open in the same tab, new tab, or new window thanks. (http://css-tricks.com/list-of-depreciated-elements-still-in-widespread-use/)
    Although it is occasionally used on stw.

  7. Awesome quality hike guys… well done! I look forward to seeing more well produced video 🙂

  8. Doesn’t work on my iPad:-(

  9. @Chainline iOS compatibility coming soooooooooon.

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