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Here’s this week’s serving of video distraction for you. First up we’ve got a video from the sponsors of the 2010 Transwales. Work Experience Nathan and Will took part in the epic stage race, experiencing crushing lows of crashes, strange lumps and nose bleeds and the life affirming highs of beautiful scenery, great riding and rare glimpses of Welsh sunshine. You can read all Nathan’s reports HERE if you’ve missed them..

Woo! Chris Akrigg returns. He’s raced the MegaAvalanche on his new Mongoose and here he is, having returned home for a nice cup of Yorkshire Tea and a chat with his mum about how it went.

It’s Joe Barnes’ Dudes of Hazzard vs. Team Factory Pro Orange Big Deal World Team during the No Fuss Benromach 10 More. Who will win? Why’s the weather so nice? Who does downhill racer’s hair cuts? Shot by MTBCut, it’ll make you laugh, cry and then do a really thoughtful face – when you wonder what Hannah Barnes’ new Orange is..

The people over at Rapanui Clothing, an eco-brand from the Isle of Wight, have sent us this video with their take on the old ‘red car and blue car had a race’ TV ad. Looks lovely and dusty but we don’t think it’s the Isle of Wight, unless things are very different around there now. Anyway, inbetween riding bikes, they make clothing that’s tracked right from from source to shelf, and as well as being eco-friendly it looks very nice too.

Here’s the original advert from 1989. My mum didn’t agree with their logic.

This is the nicest looking product video we’ve seen for a while. There’s a whole series of them but this one deals with the design concepts for the latest XTR group, which Chipps recently had a look at HERE. The films are actually made by Anthill Films, the people behind Follow Me, which explains why they’re so well produced…

Here’s some more from the mighty MTBCut. It’s downhill racing action from the BDS at Moelfre a couple of weeks back. It’s odd that the downhill race scene is buzzing but a number of XC and endurance races have had to cancel lately due to lack of entries. Something to do with the good vibe at so many grass roots DH events or something else entirely?

Here’s a an edit from the fifth round of the Southern XC series in Chawton Park Woods. Plenty of singletrack swooping..

To finish off, here’s something Antony sent in – headcam footage from the Crankworx Slopestyle. Mike Montgomery is riding and seems quite surprised he’s still on the bike in a couple of places..

That’s all for this week. As usual, if you’ve seen anything (apart from that video with the frog and the chimp) you reckon should be up here then send it in to jon@singletrackworld.com

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  1. i was scared just watching that headcam vid….amazing

  2. Really liking the non-typical music in some of these. Still got 3 vids to watch, but must get on with work!
    Respect to the bodging skills of Mr Akrigg.

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