Ouch! Dan Atherton out for the season…

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This just in from Dan Brown, the Atherton’s team manager… Get well soon Dan!

It’s with regret I have to contact you with some more injury news.

On Tuesday night of this week Dan was out riding dirt jumps at his local trails in Llanfyllin, when he crashed and landed awkwardly on his head. Dan was taken to Shrewsbury hospital in a ambulance where they X-rayed his upper spine. The results confirmed a fracture to his C2 vertebrae with a further CT scan confirming another fracture to his C1 vertebrae. On the positive side Dan has full movement in all his limbs and at present there is no damage to the nerves that pass through the central spinal column. Dan remains immobilised for precautionary measures while currently awaiting a transfer to the orthopaedic unit in Oswestry, a hospital the Athertons know well and one that is luckily renowned as the best unit in the country.

As long as everything goes to plan with his recovery we should hopefully see Dan on a bike by the end of the year. Our sympathies are with Dan and the rest of the Atherton family at this time and any well wishes to Dan can be made via the teams Facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/athertonracing


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    All the best to you Dan and a speedy recovery. best of luck to you dude and to the family, see you on the trails soon.

    🙁 The only Atherton that doesn’t make me want to hit something…

    S**t all the best mate, one of my fav riders to watch

    get well soon Dan. All the best.

    pushing the boundaries will sometines hurt the brave.

    best wishes for a speedy comeback

    Lucky guy, sounds like a stable #, get very well very soon.

    Does sound lucky. Speedy recovery Dan.

    Such fluid style! Hope he gets back out soon

    heal quick big lad!!

    Best wishes and a speedy recovery, Agnes Hunt hospital was always a leader in orthopedic stuff.

    get well soon best place to be in the country for Orthopeadics assistance – inside knowledge

    To give it its full name
    “The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic and District Hospital”

    My mother is doing some OT work there at the moment so I better warn her that Dan the Man is in town 😉

    “The only Atherton that doesn’t make me want to hit something…”
    ha a thought echoed by myself and a few others I know!
    All the best Dan. really hope you’re back in action soon.

    Ditto the themightymowgli.

    Get well soon.

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