Fresh Goods Friday. Fox, Cannondale, Andystand, lights and more!

by Ben Haworth 30

Cannondale RZ One Twenty (or Rize 120 if you prefer - we do).
Yes, that is a 1.5 steerered QR fork. 120mm travel.
The original Rize was a 130mm travel bike. This year there's two versions: one with 120mm travel, one with 140mm travel (the RZ One Forty).

The new Andy Stand. It’s still designed by a bloke called Andy, but it’s now silver (less scuffy than white) and made by Lancashire expert pipe benders and welders Pendle Racks. This one has been enlarged too – so that it’s even more stable and even big pedaled downhill bikes can be spun through the gears without the pedal smacking the frame. More details from £39.99 inc postage.

Silverer and stable-erer now.
EFX - the hologram wristband people and stickers you put in your shoes that'll make you more stable. At least that's what we're going to find out...
Sent in by a reader, the Los Langeros are a demented concoction of country-tinged goat-punk rockabilly. Quite.
2011 Fox is here! 32 TALAS Terralogic, F29 Terralogic 100, 32 Float 150 and 36 TALAS 160. First ride impressions soon.
Grips from Acros - makers of just about all accessories known to man or mountain biker
High5 gel packs. They're new. And fruity by the look of things.
New, improved Quad brakes.

Peaty’s World Champion book. A great bit of coincidence to decide to do a book with Victor Lucas and to then win the World Champs, but that’s what happened – and it’s all recorded here in this bumper coffee table book. You can get a copy from

MyTinySun is a German company that makes neat, bright, LED lights for endurance racing. They feature precise cable joins, diminutive batteries and a high level of waterproofing. It has sent over two light sets – both 900Lumens, but with two different battery packs and lamp programmes. The base one, the Sport 900 (Google translation of the website here) is powered by a 5.2Ah Li Ion battery and lasts for 3.5 hours in full power. That one retails for 199 Euros.

The pretty coloured one we have here is the Pro 900. The Pro 900 comes with different dim modes that can be programmed individually and comes in a neat box with helmet mount and bar mount. This one retails for 249 Euros from

What a nice problem to have: SRAM are running behind in getting XO out to the world (and X7 and X9) so they asked if it would be OK if Dave Anderson received XX instead for his latest bike-build… Dave reckoned that it would be OK. Wouldn’t you?

This book is the 'Tour de Lance' - and featured here because Matt thinks it looks like Chipps

More lights – everyone’s gearing up for winter already and we’ve got a very early sneak at the new Light and Motion Seca 1400. The previous super-bright light was the 900… This, in Spinal Tap parlance, is 500 louder… Still the same strong mix of spot and flood, one button operation (with ‘race’ mode that’ll only give you bright and dim, rather than cycling through flashing or whatever other mode). New simpler rubber bar mount, same annoying easily knocked swivel head and ‘what do I do with this lot’ extra long, straight cable. Overall though, it’s a stunning light. We’ve used it at Mayhem and now we’re looking for some more racing and night riding before bringing you the final write-up.

1400 lab-tested Lumens there... Enough to fry things on.
661 don't just make pads for the bits you can see. If you're a little accident prone, or just scared, you can slip these under your baggies and no one will know the secret of your power.
Melvin Bliss - Synthetic Substitution- Massivley sampled beats goodness- Every Muso needs it.

As used here…

New iPad. We've already been fielding calls from people with these asking how best to access Singletrack mags on them. WE've been playing with a bunch of PDF reader apps from the App Store and we've narrowed it down to two. Look for Bookman or Good Reader. Both handle DPS spreads nicely. Digital subs start at just £15 for a year's access and for that you get to read more than 30 copies of Singletrack as well as have all the extra Premier account priveledges.

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  1. Dave is Mr.XX now, isn’t he.

  2. Did you get digital angle finder & what did you think

  3. where and when can the 2011 fox be purchased?

    want a pair of talas

  4. We definitely need a picture of Matt modelling the 661 power shorts…

  5. We do have a digital angle finder, though I’m not quite sure what the relevance is 🙂

    2011 Fox forks will probably start appearing in shops in the next month or so. 160 and 140 forks are in stock now! And Terralogic will be a couple of weeks. 180s will pitch up a little later.

  6. Andystand is proving to be a dead useful bit of kit.

  7. Can you review the 32 float 150 first? That would be ace…

    Stickers in your shoes to make you more stable…what the…

    kisses, as always.

  8. EFX bits are “interesting”

  9. holograms ?!??! Come on STW get a grip and throw them in a bin.

  10. That Andy Stand looks very handy but frickin expensive for what it is!

  11. A tenner of the Andystand price is postage – it’s a very cumbersome shape to post. If you buy it in a shop, it’s £30

  12. “Every muso needs it” – nah, every muso needs doubles of it, so you can play it out without subjecting people to the loungey horror that follows the intro!

  13. As per Ogg, chuck that EFX crap in the bin. Utter nonsense!

  14. give me the shirt 😀

  15. I bet the Peat book is fab – but £37!

  16. I’ve stuck an EFX hologram on our printer which is playing up. I’m waiting to see if it stabilises it.

  17. Rather than bin ’em send them to BP – you never know it might stop the leak. If we all just BELIEVE…

  18. Any initial verdicts on the fox forks (particularly the talas 160s)?

  19. Matt thinks Armstrong looks like Chipps? Class…..

  20. “you can slip these under your baggies and no one will know the secret of your power.”

    You’ve given it away now 🙁

    Oh, here is some advice, it’s perfectly OK to refer to “custard armour” when talking about knee pads etc but if you say your shorts have that special custard stuff in it, people look at you funny.

  21. i got a Andy stand last week at the Weekender wow its a handy bit of kit.I have been using it all the time my name is also andy so everybody thinks i got it custom made

  22. “Any initial verdicts on the fox forks (particularly the talas 160s)?”
    In the ‘bounce up and down in the office’ test, they performed well. We’ve only had them 24 hours 🙂

  23. If you want anyone to give those 32 floats a good testing send ’em down 🙂

  24. No More Mr Nice Guy … Keith Elam R.I.P

  25. With the Andy stand, what stops the bike falling forwards on to the front wheel IE how do you get both wheels off the ground securely to remove either or both wheels and I take it you have to turn the cranks from the non drive side which will make chain cleaning and lubing a finicky job. Doesn’t look very practical to me or am I missing something?

  26. The Swede, You are missing the point, I have a friend with the “A Stand” and its great for sorting out the transmission on your bike, washing it, plus very stable,it will not replace a true work stand. I think the only issue is the tube that goes through the crank is to big for Truvative and possibly some other brands, but I thin that is being looked into

  27. Mmm. If you need a lot of test miles put into those F29s you got my number, right?


  28. the andy stand is a pretty cool idea. does it fit the other way round on race face cranks, which have the big whole on the non-drive side?

    (just found a pipe bender online for £30…)

  29. Yep, the Andystand works on RaceFace. There’s a list of cranks on his website I think.

  30. Send the f29’s south and Dean and I will put them through their paces 😉

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