Norco’s new Vixa. Women-only freeride bike.

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The lovely Darcy - and her lovely new signature bik

Dan Barham spends a lot of time snooping around the trails of Vancouver and Whistler and has managed to get some pictures of Darcy Turenne’s new signature Norco Vixa bike. It’s a women-only freeride bike that Darcy’s been working on all year with Norco – and, thanks to the power of the time difference, it’s being unleashed on the world later today. Luckily for us in the UK, it already IS today!

Dan takes up the story:

The Vixa series is the ‘Jaqueline of all trades’ when it comes to women’s mountain bikes. With 160mm of Norcos A.R.T. Advanced Ride Technology suspension and women’s specific frame geometry, the Vixa allows the ladies to take on big climbs with efficiency on the way up and attack the descent aggressively on the way down. Steep, technical singletrack descents, all mountain trails, enduro DH courses and all the climbing required to get there are all the reasons the Vixa is the only bike you’ll see in women’s closets.

Is that a hand-grip under the rocker for portability?

Intended use: All-mountain, back country singletrack, freeride and enduro

Appropriate Chunk
Looks like you won't accidentally guillotine off the shock valve with the rocker. Yay!


Graphics and colours specifically designed for women by a woman.
160mm of A.R.T. Suspension proven FSR suspension design for an active ride
Improved anti-squat to reduced pedal bob
Rearward axle path for improved square edge bump compliance lower leverage ratio for finer tuning
Integrated dropout design with Syntace X-12 142x12mm thru-axle system
A one piece forged design that incorporates the axle mounts, suspension pivot, direct-mount disc caliper posts and frame gussets into a light, strong and sleek dropout.
increased stiffness, easy wheel removal and installation, innovative derailleur hanger system with spare bolt attached to frame
Women’s specific frame geometry
Lower standover height, shorter toptubes and lower headtubes
Tapered 1-1/8 to 1-1/2 headtube
Increased front end stiffness for precise handling through any terrain
Forged, one piece, ergonomic linkarm
Improved strength, rear end stiffness and weight savings
Finger holds on the underside for hike-a-biking
Cable guides for adjustable seat posts
ISCG 05 mount for chain guides or Hammerschmidt cranks
Hydroformed and butted mainframe tubing
Lighter, stronger and low standover clearance
Improved industrial design

'Special riders only' that says...
Accessorise as you wish

For more on Norco bikes, see and for more of Dan’s photos, see


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    Bad choice of name. For german speakers, “Vixa” sounds a lot like “W*nker”.

    C’mon guys who cares what the bike looks like, high time you interviewed the rider, again, surely…;-)

    I read “Is that a hand-grip under the rocker for portability?” and said oooh thats clever. of course you could still just move it with the rocker but shaping it slightly doesn’t cost much extra and is a nice little thought.

    Tyre clearance on the rear looks a tad tight – wouldn’t like to take that near any UK mud!

    No way is that Darcy’s bike. That one was made for a giant! C’mon, give the girl something that fits.

    “and her lovely new signature bik”

    “The lovely Darcy…”

    Yes, yes she really is. cripes. where did you find her?

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