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Bike show that is.

Lovely Renthal stem. It’s a two piece stem that clamps up in the centre via two bolts. Once done up the two pinch bolts can be used to adjust fore and aft positioning of the bars.

Renthal Fat Bars.

TSG’s New piss pot – the lid on the left has grooves cut in it so the helmet molds to your head better whether you’re Joseph Merrick or Ming the Merciless.

Evoc Pack: Silverfish are bringing in Evoc packs – which feature a built in fully CE-approved back protector which you can also zip off and use as a back protector in its own right.

Elka are also being imported by Silverfish. Hopefully we should have one on test soon.

Scott “Boom Boom ” Beaumont’s  Custom Rocky Mountain. Looked “well wrong” to us – but then we’re a lot slower than him.

Cove G-Spot. Which doesn’t pivot around the BB anymore. The G spot is Dead  (according to scientists)! Long live the G-Spot!

SDG meets Brooks… and takes them out for a mocha at the Hipster Cafe.

Gravity Dropper with SDG I-Beam mount. Should be strong and lighter.

E.Thirteen for 1×9 or by 1×10 setups.

Evoc Bike Bag. A classic case of sweating the small details to make a better product. The forks and rear dropouts sit in their own special foam compartment, which are interchangeable to for road forks and different sized drop outs, the bag has built in attachment points for bars etc to stop the swinging around  and the wheels sit out board in their own padded areas to protect the rest of the frame. Finally there are two wheels at the back of the bag where the main weight of the bike sits for easier (it’s a bike bag were not promising miracles) dragging around airports.

Hope seatpost! In the flesh.

A very “subtle” Orange 225 with matching anodised green everything to show what Hope can do.

Comments (15)

    The 225 is filth. Also really like the look of the new Cove fullies…

    225 want to have a ride!

    I can’t believe I just bought a Gravity Dropper and a new railed saddle to replace my iBeam post/saddle combo…Gutted.

    unlucky, looks like the lightest way around to do it.
    If you call your seatpost ‘eternity’ are you saying it will handle years of being slided up + down in a gritty frame with no damage to the finish?!

    Think you mean ‘slid’ 😉

    But when will the Renthal stem be available to the public? Still in testing ID told me. I want one!!

    When’s that 225 on sale? Want.

    That 225 belongs to one of the owners of Hope, so……. Probably never!

    “The forks and rear dropouts sit in there own special foam compartment”

    Late night pedantry…the best kind

    That I-Beam Gravity Dropper may be something that’ll find its way onto my 5.

    love that renthal stem great design two parts which are virtualy identical looks light as well

    225 is Tom Braithwaite’s new bike.

    Any word on when the eternity is actually going to be on sale?

    I heard Tom Braithwaite was on a Santa Cruz for 2010.

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