Core Finale

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Merida’s crazy time trial and track bike. Adjustable dropouts and interchangable headtubes for different course distances.

The top section that’s interchangeable.

Silly-light full sussers.

New Ibis Mojo HD. Forgive them the overly long stem.

Ranald from  2pure (UK importers of Ibis). This is what happens to retired boy band members when they’ve hit the skids.

You’re going to see a lot more of Mondraker this year in the UK.

It’s cold in Minnesota too. Surly beards.

Can you tell what it is yet?

It’s TI yummy.

Yes, it’s a Salsa Ti A La Carte.

Nice J-shaped downtube for fork clearance.

Nice clean lines.

Fox Wakeboarding(?) shoes that are just as ace for riding apparently.

Fox’s “love it or hate it” apparel. Hopefully the range of colours should have something for everyone.

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    Look at the buff Ranald! :love:

    The first pic blinded me so I couldn’t see the rest of the article. Could you re-post it without it so I can read the rest in safety?

    retired boy band member?! FYI i’m not retired

    Hello, ti ala carte? Come to daddy.

    That fox clothing will be popular with many rappers that you often see out on the hills on their mountain bikes….

    Haha, I don’t mind looking like Dizzee Rascal while I’m riding.

    Wouldn’t be seen dead on that red Mondraker though, was the designer colour blind?

    Mmmm oh the things i could do to Ran

    The shoes are for Wakeskate, not Wakeboard.

    Check this…

    Who’d ‘a thought ninjasocks would become part of the establishment!

    Hmm, that salsa has cowled drop outs and a replaceable hanger like the Lynskey M230 and I suspect another bike coming to our shores soon??

    So wakeskate is for rich (white) kids who won’t pay there dues on concrete….

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