Singletrack Issue 53

by Ben Haworth 26

Issue 53 is the first issue for quite some time that we’ve put together without having various staff members absent on holiday or injured. It’s on sale next week. Here’s a rundown of the highlights. Everybody loves highlights don’t they?

The Joy of Filth – It’s winter soon. Better to embrace it than to fear it. Love the grime!

Subscribers' and bike shops' cover. Pic by Dan Barham.
Subscribers' and bike shops' cover. Pic by Dan Barham.
The "High Street" shops' cover. Pic by Dan Barham.
The "High Street" shops' cover. Pic by Dan Barham.
Contents pic by Sim Mainey.
Contents pic by Sim Mainey.

Here’s the contents of Singletrack Mountain Bike Magazine issue 53 in full…

7. Editorial
Chipps is back at the helm and inspired to ride.

8. The Joy of Filth
It’s winter soon. Better to embrace it than to fear it. Love the grime!

16. Tod to Dent
100 miles of grit, heading north through Yorkshire.

24. Bling on the Winter
Ed Oxley saves his best bike for the winter. It’s what it was designed for.

26. Interview – Mary McConneloug and Mike Broderick
Inside the nomadic life of a professional bike racer.

33. Bike Test – Carbon Sussers
Full suspension carbon bikes from Lapierre, Pronghorn and Santa Cruz

42. Blame the Dog
Mike Ferrentino takes refuge in his mountain biking memories.

44. Bike Porn
What better way of bringing back Bike Porn than with Peaty’s World Championship bike?

46. Through the Grinder
Eight pages of products put through some real-life wear and tear by the team.

58. Montane Kielder 100
The UK’s first 100 mile mountain bike race crushed the unprepared and rewarded the fit.

64. Grouptest: Jackets
Ten riding jackets to help you face the worst of the winter wet.

72. Column: Everyone needs a shed.
Andrew Haynes writes in praise of the humble mountain bikers’ shed.

74. One Ton Weekend
Ed Oxley takes his £100 and has a weekend away in the north at a ‘natural’ trail centre.

82. Singletrack Propaganda
Buy Singletrack stuff! Lots to treat yourselves with or to hint for the holiday season.

84. Long Term Test Bikes
The team’s sheds show up some radically different machines this issue.

88. Competition
Win a Lupine Tesla light. Small, bright and free to win!

90. Column: Palmer Violets
Our Matt writes about his admiration for the iconic Shaun Palmer.

92. We Rock!
Singletrack was voted ‘Consumer Magazine of the Year’ by the UK bike industry and we’re rightly proud.

94. Column: In the Balance
Alex Leigh spends more time than he cares to admit just getting away with things.

96. Subscribe to Singletrack
There are many ways to subscribe – and we’ll give you a free tee if you do.

98. Column: My life as a bike messenger.
Roly Lambert gives us a warts and all look at the life of a London messenger.

100. International Basque Force
Mark takes off to this little-known corner of Spain for some unforgettable riding.

108. Fitness: Hydration
A 1% drop in hydration gives a 5% drop in performance. Learn more from fitness guru Matt Hart.

112. Grouptest: 15mm wheels
A half dozen wheels for the eagerly-adopted new 15mm fork standard.

116. Route Guide: Brecon Beacons
Benji gets towed around the sunny Beacons by top rider Matt Page.

126. Members’ Club
Subscribe to Singletrack. Get discounts here!

127. Outro
And then it all went a bit wrong.

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  1. I’m not even going to ask what that’s a link to, but has stw’s demographic changed quite a bit?

  2. Hey Sim, great contents pic.

  3. The picture on the cover is just great! Can we have it as a screensaver or poster?

  4. @tree-magnet – trackback spam. Difficult to control 🙁

  5. Really looking forward to this one dropping onto the mat.. sounds like a cracker!

  6. ou est le ‘widow-makers’?

  7. both pics are stunners – capture summers end / autumns commencement perfectly 😀

  8. Looks like it’ll be a good’un!

  9. Hopefully a return to form!

  10. Both pics look great.

  11. mmm nice piccies and ‘orrible lettering all over the retail copy. This could be the motivation I need to bother to subscribe again.

  12. Mlke – that’s the idea 🙂
    Plus, the bike shop/subscribers’ copy is 25p cheaper and a subscription is cheaper still!

  13. When is due to be on shelves in shops? (bike or high street/supermarket)

  14. you know for me i reckon the subs/shops issue in its blank state would stand out in the shops far better than the actual shop version as it would look so different to all the other mags on the shelf..

    just an idea

  15. Well, in an ideal world that would be true but there’s a very good reason that all magazines have coverlines for newsagents shelves and that’s because they sell more copies than those without.

  16. Thanks for the kind comments about the cover! Excited to see it in the flesh.

  17. That cover shot makes me want to go out and ride, very nice.

  18. sent email too… but can’t download PDF sub; keeps adding postage??!!!

  19. Have you logged in to the shop?

    We are on the brink of a major upgrade to the digital subs section that will make life much easier for all our digital subscribers but in the meantime if you have any issues with your digital sub give Claire or Sarah a call on 01706 814397 or email them on or

    Sarah doesn’t work Tuesdays but Claire is in and ready 🙂

  20. I think the Joy of Filth section is a cracker 🙂

  21. Don’t seem to be able to view digital subscribers copy either despite being logged into the shop 🙁

  22. Agree with Gilles and everyone, pics have been great recently,
    +1 for posters and screensavers or just a jpeg!

  23. Hey Mark,

    Yeah was logged in, add to basket, cost goes to zero cos of sub, but then it adds postage to it so and directs me to worldpay/paypal so I can’t actually download it…

    tried it on 2 different PCs now, still happening. I’ll email one of the girls; calling isn’t straight forward being overseas, thats why I download to start with!!

  24. Haha! just tried again, all is good in the world! maybe not such a good idea to download it at work…will I do anything productive today now?

  25. excellent issue for me, read all the articles this time, 90% interested me

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