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Dates for your 2010 diary…


The British Mountain Bike Series is back for 2010, but this time the series has been beefed up, as 3 major bicycle brands hop on board – Giant, Specialized and Trek have joined forces to create the demo of all demo series as they sponsor The British Mountain Bike Demo Series.

In 2009 the series proved a huge hit with over 4000 riders taking part in a mix of top quality racing; from XC to enduros, to easy going leisure rides – proving that the event offers something for all. The latest addition to the series offers a whole new level of activity, where people can demo the latest and the best bikes on the market.

Ian Beasant Managing Director of Giant said
“The collaboration of all three brands offers a unique opportunity for riders to experience a fantastic demo unlike any other in the UK whilst benefiting from riding in some remarkable locations. At Giant we appreciate riders of all levels have different needs from a demo, we endeavour to offer something for all, combining great technical know how, mixed in with some good old fashioned fun.”

With five venues planned across the country in Yorkshire, South West London, South Wales, Plymouth and Nottinghamshire, Giant, Specialized and Trek spring board straight into the action demoing at all weekends, with an exciting further demo only round planned for Scotland.

Richard Hemington – MD at Specialized
‘Specialized are delighted to be part of The British Mountain Bike Demo Series. With such a wide range of bikes we strongly believe in demoing and giving riders of all level the ability to trial our products. Over the years, demos have changed a great deal and Specialized have tried to bring added value to riders taking part. The association with The British Mountain Bike Series, Giant and Trek add to the ultimate demo experience we have been trying to achieve for the last few years and we are very confident that this new set up will answer many riders wishes.’

Each weekend will now offer top level racing, camping, demos, enduro riding, led rides, team relay action, free under 12s races and a host of other activities…

Series Organiser Martyn Salt said “Things have really developed in 2009 and we felt that the one thing missing was a high level demo package. We spoke to Giant, Specialized and Trek and they all agreed that it would be a great way for them to support the racers at the events and showcase their product range. To be able to test ride a bike and watch the best riders in action is a great way to bring more people to the events. With British Cyclings’ support we now have a great package that should appeal to anyone that rides a mountainbike. We are introducing a team relay format as well next year so it’s going to be another busy year’”

In addition to the racing, demos and riding the venues also offer a great environment for a weekend away with Go-ape centres, children’s adventure playgrounds, castles, deer parks and scenic forests forming part of the backdrop for 5 great holidays at home.

Andrew Griffin – Marketing Manager at Trek UK
‘This is it, the decisive demo experience that riders have been looking for over the last few years, and Trek is delighted to be a part. The involvement of Giant and Specialized, combined with the varied locations around the country, offers the riders more options than ever before, and running in conjunction with the British Mountain Bike Series, these events create a fantastic weekend for anyone interested in riding bikes’

Dates and Venues:

Demo only
Mar 6/7 Glentress

Race and demo weekends…
Mar 27/28 Sherwood Pines, British XC1 + Nightrider 6 + night demo
May 8/9 Porridge Pot Hill, British XC2 + Are You Tough Enough enduro
May 29/30 Margam Park, British XC3 + Big Welsh Weekend enduro
July 3/4 Dalby Forest, British XC4 + Great Yorkshire enduro
Sep 25/26 Newnham Park, British XC5 + Newnham 60 enduro

With further demo brands to be announced.

For further information about the British Mountain Bike Series and demos keep an eye on www.britishxc.com


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  1. Ah, excellent- once again the term “British” has been used very loosely, excluding half the country from this south-centric, non technical series for failed roadies. This is why British Cycling are so poor as a governing body.

    Dalby’s good though.

  2. Please don’t belittle the guys and girls who train and race for this series, as far as I can make out no ‘failed’ ex roadies won any of the series titles this year, they were won by mountain bikers who can adapt their riding to any terrain.

    The National series has in the past ventured up to Scotland and is always the worst performer numbers wise, the series has to at least break even or we’ll find yourselves in the same situation as last year where the last round had to be abandoned due to lack of cash….

    Our Northern Bretheren have a very healthy series north of the border and we also see a healthy representation of Scottish riders at most of the rounds of the series way down south. Riders like Kenta Gallagher and family who live in Inverness just get on with it and don’t moan, despite horrendous travelling times…

    All the rounds offer different challenges to the riders. Sherwood is regarded as flat, but when ridden at racing speeds is pretty technical, ask Wilko about hugging trees at speed….Oh and is one of the most popular rounds attendance wise…

  3. “Riders like Kenta Gallagher and family who live in Inverness just get on with it and don’t moan, despite horrendous travelling times…”

    That’s because Kenta’s practically pro. Some of us don’t have the funds to travel 600 miles to race. That and my Honda would die half way there.

    Maybe if the series promoted itself as a truly national series, rather than people assuming it’s all down south, people would pay attention and turn up to the northern rounds. And, inverse to your argument, if Kenta can be bothered to travel south, why can none of the southerners be arsed to travel north?

    I’ve not ridden the NPS for about 3 years simply because it always yields the least mountain bikey courses. Sherwood is not technical, at any speed, and there’s already one round like it at Thetford (flat, untechnical, fast at around 18mph average)- variety is the name of the game. Having numerous flat, twisty, untechnical forest rounds isn’t encouraging and doesn’t flatter true mountain bikers.

    The series 2 years ago looked excellent- a genuinely wide spread across the country, with real variety in the terrain including really interesting courses, but failed due to a lack of promotion from BC.

  4. You should make the effort to go to Dalby then, i didn’t hear any of the walking wounded saying anything about the course being boring!
    Plus they have made the course even more. . interesting.

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