Fresh Goods

by Nathan 14

The latest issue of Singletrack was sent to the printers early this week, but the Fresh Goods are still rolling in (not that we’re complaining) and here are some of the latest pieces of equipment that have been sent through our letterbox.


Singletrack 2GB Memory Stick
From: Singletrack Shop

This tiny memory stick is new in our stocks this week and is the latest Singletrack must have. It’s sleek, slimline and coated in brushed aluminium. Not only does it hold 2Gb of memory, but it comes already preloaded with the last 10 (yes 10!) pdf issues of the mag.


Magura USB Stick
From: Magura

This memory stick from Magura offers users 2GB of space plus its shaped like a Magura suspension fork!


Maxxis CrossMark Tires
From: MMA Sports

The CrossMark were snapped up by Ben when they came in this morning. Supposedly super fast, the nearly continuous centre ridge claims to make this tire fly on hardpack ground while still having enough grip left to cope with wet roots. The slightly raised side ridges are also supposed to offer extreme cornering precision.


Superstar Lockon Grips
From: Superstar Components

Superstar’s new Lockon grips are made from a special kraton rubber which has their logo branded on it. The grips will be available in 6 colours and will cost £7.99


Superstar SS Pro 320-4 Singlespeed Hub
From: Superstar Components

This new 4 pawl freehub is an all alloy construction with 4 sealed catridge bearings and a zero dish design to help provide extra strong wheels. It is compatable with either QR or Bolt on.


Superstar Ultra Mag CNC Pedals
From: Superstar Components

These are Superstars’s new ultra light DH tough pedals. They come with hardened 7000 T6 pins which when worn out, can be replaced with customised colour pin kits for £12.99 per pedal. There is also the option of a Ti axle upgrade to reduce the weight to a claimed 260grams per pair for £39.99. Steel axle version retails at £69.99.


Carradice Merino Dry Wool Jersey
From: Carradice

This all wool jersey from Carradice claims to have better wicking capability than synthetic fibres, helping you avoid that cold, soggy feeling that you can often get. It has a metal zip to give it a more retro look and feel. RRP £79.95


Bontrager Air Pack
From: Trek UK

This handy puncture kit from Bomtrager contains 2 tyre levers, a CO2 inflator, 2 16g cartridges and a glueless patch kit. The pouch also has enough space left in it to store a small multi-tool, keys and some loose change so all your riding essentials can be contained within one small bag.


Dakine Builder’s Pack
From: Surf Sales

This back-pack from Dakine is aimed at anyone who spends a lot of time working on trails. It is equipped with a hammer sleeve, an expandable chainsaw pocket, a lopper sleeve and a roll up nail bag. We could tell you what it’s actually like if Dave A hadn’t stolen it off us before we could get a look at it.


WTB Valcon Carbon SLT Saddle
From: Fisher Outdoor

The Carbon SLT is WTB’s road / cross country racing saddle. It weighs just 250 grams according to our scales. It uses a Titanium rail and carbon composite shell. It also uses WTB’s DNA padding system, which they claim features superior memory properties and the ability to uniquely conform to your specific anatomy.


WTB Valcon Team Carbon Saddle
Fisher Outdoor

Another road / cross country saddle, the team carbon weighs in at 250 grams on our scales and has the same carbon composite shell and DNA padding as the Carbon SLT, but has a NiCro rail instead of Titanium.


WTB Rocket V Saddle
Fisher Outdoor

This Rocket V is one of WTB’s best selling saddles and this is the new Team Black version of the V. It weighs just 210 grams and has WTB’s DNA padding system, a Flex-Tuned shell and kelvar corners.


WTB Aviator Saddle
Fisher Outdoor

A brand new freeride / DH saddle. Weighing 370 grams, it looks like it will withstand any heavy bails with an 8mm steel rail.


WTB Weirwolf AM TCS Tire
Fisher Outdoor

The new tubeless weirwolf is WTB’s All Mountain / Freeride tire. The 2.3, AM TCS version came in at 1kg on our scales. It has a Dual DNA rubber compound, which we think is similar to WTB’s standard DNA compound, which uses a 60a durometer compound. We think the Dual DNA has a slightly firmer centreline compound with a softer rubber used for the side knobs which should help improve cornering control.


WTB Dissent Tire
Fisher Outdoor

The dissent is a Downhill and Freeride tire, which has been designed around the conditions seen at Whistler Bike Park. Our 2.5 version looks super chunky, with some huge knobs and weighed 1.1 kg on our scales. It uses WTB’s Super Track DNA Rubber Compound, which is a 53a durometer compound, which WTB claim should improve handling and speed in steep, loose conditions.


Howies Alder Shorts
From: Howies

Howies Alder shorts are a bike specific short made from Epic Cotton, which they claim is 100% rainproof whilst also having enough stretch for a comfortable active fit. It has loads of pockets and has poppers at the elastic waistband to accommodate their own internal Merino liners, which we haven’t got at the moment. RRP £95


Howies Slipstream Top
From: Howies

This is a bike specific top from Howies which has a half zip opening. It’s made from 100% Merino wool. It is made with flat locked seams to improve comfort and has a small reflective Howies logo on the Hem.


Ground Effect Robin Hood Top
From: Ground Effect

A winter middle layer direct from Ground Effect in New Zealand, the Robin Hood looks a bit like a sped skating suit but is made from Merino wool and has a three panel hood which they say will fit comfortably under any helmet. Our version is bowling green colour. RRP is approximately £65

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  3. I can recommend the robin hood. Though not cold enough yet to gimp up with the hood on.

  4. how much for a pair of shorts!

  5. Just got some of the superstar grips. Am I going to die ?

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  11. So those Superstar Flats weigh less than my egg beaters?

    I thought my DX’s were light at 490g!

  12. Are those wtb proper ust tubeless or more like bonty and spesh tubeless “compatible” ie need sealent?

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