PRO 2010

by Sim 7

PRO is Shimano’s component division, they’re known in road bike circles but haven’t made much of an impact on the MTB market. This year they are launching a whole load of new products to do something about changing that.

The XCR fork is made predominantly of carbon, the steerer, crown and legs are all made of the stuff, with only a little bit of metal in the disc mounts and where the crown race sits on the steerer. Weighs in at a claimed 595g in total.
Obviously you'll want a cockpit to match your super light carbon XCR fork, so PRO have obliged. The XCR CC bar is 580mm wide, which seems incredibly narrow in these days of 710mm bars coming as standard, with a riser bar available at 660mm with a 20mm rise. The stem comes in at 120g and is available in 80mm to 130mm lengths.
Almost disappointingly the XCR barends aren't carbon. They do however have this neat clamp design to keep things looking tidy.
The Athertons have been using PRO gear for a season now, check out their bikes and you'll see 'PROtotype' branded stems and bars. Those have now been refined and made their way into production. At the top we have Gee's DH bar, 745mm wide, 20mm rise. Dan's bar, as seen on his 4X bike, is again 745mm wide but has a 50mm rise. The grips have a closed outer so that you can get the full benefit of wider bars without losing half a centimeter at either end to lock on clamps and you don't get them digging into your palms when you're literally riding at the edge. Thank goodness they didn't put World Cup next to that Atherton logo…
PRO have a Thomas Vanderham series of components too for you All-Mountaineers and Free-Huckers. Bars are 740mm wide with a 20mm or 30mm rise with much subtler graphics than the Atherton range.
The FRS line of components seem to be aimed at Euro freeriders. We're assured the black versions look a lot better.
PRO also do tools, this multitool was particularly neat, perfect for your back pocket.

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  1. Weight on the bar ends?

  2. been using Pro on my road bikes for years …. good stuff 🙂

  3. So nice to see something XC focused for a change. That white stuff’s a bit ” Dale Winton ” but I’d bet it’d look grand without the flames and gold trim.

  4. PRO say the bar ends weigh in at 60g per pair.

  5. I agree with therevokid – it’s good kit. Nice to see them making something not completely Eurofied!

  6. Yay for more decent handlebars 🙂

  7. really liking the bars, where and when can i buy some?

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