Interbike 2009 – Day 1 Video Diary

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Mark and Chipps ride bikes, try on sunnys and get all excited about half a bash ring and thixotropic jelly.

The bike Mark was riding was this one…

It’s the Kona Dawg Deluxe and for 2010 it comes with a few tweaks that have resulted in a much stiffer frame. Firstly the headtube is now tapered. The downtube is hydroformed and much stiffer. The main rocker is now super stiff magnesium too. So, overall, it’s er.. a lot stiffer than before and a tad slacker, which makes it a great all day, general workhorse of a bike. Pretty good for most UK riding we reckon.

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    Mike D – are those legs shaved?

    does the cadabra make it redundant though?

    Good question.. I rode the Cadabra later in the day and I liked it a lot. The magic link is still a bit of a faff to set up properly and it’s pretty critical that you do, but it it did make me think the Dawg was a bit dull by comparison and it did do everything the Dawg could do and more. The Dawg is simple and cheap though and some riders are going to like that, but yes… they do both seem to be sitting in the same category. But then, there’s nothing wrong with that. Just more to choose from 🙂

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