Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Coil

Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Coil Fork Review

Time for some more preaching. Coil is better. Always has been. Always will be. Yes, some gravity racers prefer air. Are you a racer? I’m not.

Marzocchi Bomber Z2 RAIL

Marzocchi Bomber Z2 RAIL review

Cut to the chase, this Marzocchi Bomber Z2 RAIL has a price that is affordable for more people than all the other 140mm forks we\'ve tested.

Marzocchi Bomber CR coil shock review

Although the price has crept up over the year or two since it came out, the Marzocchi Bomber CR is the ‘affordable’ coil shock.

Marzocchi Bomber Air

Marzocchi Bomber Air shock: first ride review

Benji has had a Marzocchi Bomber Air plumbed into his RocketMAX for the past week or so. Here\'s how he feels about it. Yes, the piggyback reservoir is supposed to…

Sharing the Stoke Marzocchi

What Happens When a Pro Mountain Biker and Pro Freeskier Try Each Other’s Sport?

Marzocchi have just launched their new series, ‘Sharing the Stoke’ where they pair athletes and get them to try each other’s sport. In the first episode pro mountain biker, Wade...

Marzocchi Bomber Z1 Coil and Bomber CR Coil Shock Review

Intro When it was originally launched way back in 1997, the Marzocchi Bomber caused something of a stir. I don’t think there would be many riders to argue against it...

marzocchi dj

26 still isn’t dead and neither are 20mm axles with the new Marzocchi DJ

The Marzocchi DJ launches today in a dedicated 26in wheel package, with burly chassis and old-school 20mm dropouts. Designed for dirt jumping, pump tracks, and urban riding, the Marzocchi DJ...

Marzocchi Z1 Coil Fork – Have your prayers been answered?

When the Marzocchi Z1 fork was launched back in April 2018 we applauded the return of a simple, bomber-(sorry!)-strong air sprung fork. Long time Marzocchi fans, though, still talk fondly...

marzocchi bomber z2

Marzocchi Re-launches the Bomber Z2 22 years after the original!

Are you ready to feel extremely old? Well, here goes. The original Marzocchi Z2 suspension fork was released 22 years ago in 1997… Yes, we cannot believe it either, so...

Marzocchi will give you up to £100 cashback for your old fork, shock or dropper in any condition!

Are you riding around with a squishy rear shock with uncontrollable rebound? Perhaps you have a dropper post that loves to drop, but isn’t really happy rising back to full...

Marzocchi Returns To Rear Shocks. Affordable Shocks From This Legendary Company.

Marzocchi is back in the rear coil shock game, with the newly announced Bomber CR shock. In keeping with the re-launch of the Bomber fork, Marzocchi (which is now owned...

First Look: The Marzocchi Z1 Bomber Returns! Own The Trails Again…

One of the most iconic mountain bike fork names has returned, and it’s doing so in a typically unapologetic fashion. Yes, after an absence of many years, the Marzocchi Z1...

Video: Wild Times of Emyr Davies – Flat Out Driftin’ in Spain

Lots of dust and drifting from the Welshman abroad

marzocchi singletrack

Fox Still Mulling Over New Direction For Marzocchi

Marzocchi not expected to add much to the revenue streams of Fox according to bosses

Fox Buys Marzocchi… Well, Some Of It

Fox buys \'certain assets\' of the troubled Marzocchi suspension brand

Marzocchi 44 Micro Switch TA 2015

Could the 44 help revive Marzocchi\'s fortunes?

Eurobike 2015: New Marzocchi Forks and Dropper

We asked Marzocchi, \" “What’s happening? Do you still exist or not?”, and they answered...

Marzocchi – distributor speaks!

There is hope after all

Marzocchi Enters Liquidation – MTB business sold? UPDATE

Doors close on the troubled Italian suspension company - is the MTB portion to be sold?

Spotted at Bike Festival Garda – Part Two

Here\'s part two of Dave\'s trawl of the aisles at Bike Festival Garda for the new, the weird and the tantalising glimpses of what\'s coming soon

marzocchi singletrack

Marzocchi not closing

Internet rumblings only apply to Italian company\'s motorbike division

Fresh Goods Friday 233

A monster Fresh Goods this week, with gear from Norco, Kinesis, RaceFace, Marzocchi and lots lots more!

CoreBike2015 Part 4

Have a look what\'s nice and shiny in part 4 of our CoreBike 2015 extravaganza! Contains NS Snabb, Lapierre, Marzocchi and more!

Marzocchi 44 MicroTi 29in fork

Bombers? Own them!

Sea Otter 2013: Marzocchi’s new downhill fork and shock.

The new 380 fork offers 203mm travel for barely 6lbs in weight

fresh goods friday mountain bike kit singletrack (17)

Fresh Goods Friday 169

Carbon rims, bargain big wheels, more forks than an industrial caterers and some racks for bouncers

Fresh Goods Friday 160

A big Ghost, some 44 forks from Marzocchi, lube, drybags for iPhones, massive bars plus loads more

Sea Otter: 29er Stuff

Here’s a tie-together of many of the 29er bits and pieces we saw around the Otter. We’ll visit many of them again in future stories, but this is where we’ll...

Mountain Cycle Returns

New bikes all round at the Sea Otter

Core Bike 2011: Part One

Brace yourselves! There is loads and loads of new stuff below. Prepare to gasp at bright new colours, bold new graphics… and some genuinely new bits and bobs. Marzocchi A...