Fox Buys Marzocchi… Well, Some Of It

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Fox Factory Holding Corp has announced that they have purchasedcertain assets‘ of troubled mountain bike suspension company Marzocchi.


Although they have not said exactly what they are buying, Fox CEO Larry Enterline said, ‘We are excited to announce the agreement to acquire certain assets of the Marzocchi mountain bike product lines, which we believe is a significant opportunity for Fox to further expand the penetration of our bike suspension products across more price points,’

Considering there really isn’t any such thing as a cheap Fox fork it’s fair to assume they are planning to use the Marzocchi brand at the cheaper end of the market.

In July we reported that Marzocchi’s parent company, Tenneco was liquidating the Marzocchi business.. The MTB suspension arm of the company continued to exhibit at Eurobike in August despite the rest of the company being liquidated. The official line from the company was that they were still hopeful of a buyer for the MTB side of the company. Looks like that buyer was Fox.


Fox have said they will release more details about the purchase next month.

marzocchi singletrack
A marzocchi fork earlier


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