26 still isn’t dead and neither are 20mm axles with the new Marzocchi DJ

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The Marzocchi DJ launches today in a dedicated 26in wheel package, with burly chassis and old-school 20mm dropouts.

Designed for dirt jumping, pump tracks, and urban riding, the Marzocchi DJ fork is a simple 100mm travel fork aimed at riders wanting to go big, style the sickest whips and generally flip tricks we could only dream of.

marzocchi dj

Built around the same chassis as the Z1, the DJ should be plenty burly enough with 36mm stanchions, but to increase front end stiffness the standard axle is a 20 x 110mm though a 15mm axle conversion is available. The DJ is a pure dirt jump fork so will come as a 26in wheel fork only, which might also make it a good choice for burly kids’ bikes too.

Though the DJ is designed for soaking up the biggest jumps and drops the Grip damper is the same as the system found in the Z1 and Marzocchi 58 so should provide plenty of on-trail grip too, and the spring as an easy to tune EVOL air spring.

Marzocchi is listing the new DJ fork at just $699 and offering the chassis in either Cherry gloss red or matt black.


  • Dedicated 26” wheel configuration delivers shortest possible crown height for flickable front end
  • Legendary Bomber durability with 36mm stanchions
  • Buttery and easy-to-use GRIP damper
  • Tapered steerer tube for maximum stiffness
  • Adapters available for 15x100mm axle


  • 100mm travel
  • Grip Damper
  • 1.5 Tapered steerer
  • 20×110 non-boost or 15×100
  • 26” Wheel Optimized
  • 37mm offset
  • Gloss Red and Matte Black
  • 2095g
  • MSRP: $699USD
  • Axle Conversion Kit MSRP: $60USD
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