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Hello! Welcome to FGF! This one’s a whopper, believe me. This Fresh Goods Friday we’ve got greatness from… oh heck, just take a look – there’s loads of stuff:

Norco Range Carbon 7.1

Oh my...
Oh my…

With a year’s worth of big mountain adventure ahead of him, Dave was happy to take delivery of this little carbon beauty from Norco to deal ably with both the ups and the downs. It’s not cheap, but then it’s a pretty sorted bike perfectly geared up for long climbs and descents.

Sorted front end
Sorted front end

Up front a 160mm dual position Rockshox Pike takes care of business. There’s a nice short and wide Race Face cockpit and SRAM Guide RSCs take care of stopping duties. Wheels are a nice mix of DT Swiss 350 hubs matched to Stan’s Flow EX rims just waiting to be tubelessed up with Maxxis 3C Maxx Terra High Roller 2 tyres.

Nice linkage
Nice linkage

A nice clean linkage hooks up the Cane Creek DB Inline Air shock to match the 160mm up front. There’s plenty of opportunity for tweaking suspension settings and it’s nice to see a field notebook and pencil included in the package.

Serious shocker
Serious shocker

A SRAM XX1 1×11 drivetrain deals with the pedalling bit of the fun promised. An X1 cassette completes the picture. Nice to see a 30T ring up front, someone’s been thinking about the need for a bit of spinning range to get you up those long alpine climbs. As the bike is also intended as an off-the-peg enduro racer, the inclusion of an E13 chainguide will be appreciated for that extra security.

All black back there
All black back there
Belt and braces
Belt and braces

It’s a well thought-out package, but it’s also available as a frameset if you’d prefer to build your own

Price: £4,800.00

From: Norco

Kinesis Maxlight FF29 Chubbie

FF29chubbie1jpg0We’ve had this FF29er in to review, set up for the so-hot-right-now 27.5+ semifat sort of thing. It’s a 29in frame and fork, and with those 27.5 fat tyres in there it LOOKS ACE! Apparently Kinesis will be offering the wheels, frame and fork as part of a rolling chassis. We’ll update with prices etc when we get them. For now…

Frame price: £499

Turn Girder M30 cranks

FF29chubbie7jpg19There’s also a Praxis chainring bolted into some Turn Girder 30 Cranks on there. Sweet.

Price: £229.00

All from: Upgrade

WTB Scraper rims and Trailblazer 2.8 Tyres

FF29chubbie6jpg18And here are those enormous wheels! 40mm rims, and 2.8in tyres of substantial girth.

Price: TBC

All from: Upgrade

We suffered an overabundance of trigger-happy when taking these pics, so here’s a slideshow for your delectation:

SDG Duster

StartledSDG’s popular Duster saddle now available in a hard to be missed pattern that’s really a form of camouflage: Dazzle pattern. Boom!

Price: £69.95

From: Silverfish

SDG Belair 2.0

DSC_0026Ti alloy rails, perineal canal (!), a nylon base and lots of comfort. Plus green.

Price: £69.95

From: Silverfish

RaceFace Indy 3/4 Jersey

DSC_0054He’s back! Glowering Victorian Man has returned from his Great Northern Miserablist Architecture Tour, and has been coerced into modelling up-to-the minute clothing once again! To those many of you who sent really lovely emails about him, thank you. To the other emails we got – we appreciate your enthusiasm, but we’re not sure that that’s biologically possible. This is the Indy 3/4 top, with a stash pocket, wicking fabric, and (unsurprisingly, given the name) 3/4 length sleeves.

Price: £49.95

From: Silverfish

RaceFace Indy Short

DSC_0047Russell, the chap who came to test our fire alarm, got roped in to demonstrate the Indy in this pyrotechnic orange. Stash pocket, mesh bits and reinforced seams. The inner lower leg features a ‘slip panel’ to ‘slide over protection’. We assume that means knee pads, rather than prophylaxis. That might sting.

Price: £54.99

From: Silverfish

RaceFace Stash Bib

No matter how much we greased him, we couldn’t get GVM to consent to wearing this

It’s a bib short with loads of cunning little pockets to house your goodies – tube, CO2 canister, what-have-you, and a larger pocket to house your bladder-of-choice. Tidy.

Price: £89.95

From: Silverfish

RaceFace Rip Strip

DSC_0038It’s a lumbar strip with storage for bits and pieces: great apparently ‘if you’re not going for an epic, but you’re just going out for a rip’. Well, quite. Waterproof media pocket, and lots of little pockets so you can wear your finest bagginess, appear totally relaxed, and no-one will know that you’re actually really well equipped for everything short of a nuclear war (it’s a bit small for a HAZMAT suit though).

Price: UK £39.95

From: Silverfish

RaceFace Stash Tank

DSC_0039Rather similar to the bibs up there ^^, but… without the shorts bit. Storage for bladder and bits. Nice.

Price: £69.95

From: Silverfish

RaceFace Chainrings

DSC_0045A wide selection of anodised coloured narrow/wide fabulousness from RaceFace, in a variety of sizes for a variety of BCDs and spline interfaces.

Price: from £44.95

From: Silverfish

RaceFace Stage Glove

DSC_0022Nylon mesh backed gloves of brightness, for when the weather perks up a little bit.

Price: £21.00

From: Silverfish

RaceFace Turbine Cinch Direct Mount cranks

DSC_0046Light and stiff for XC and trails. Plus the box is ace.

Price: £209.00

From: Silverfish

RaceFace Turbine Stem

DSC_0026-2Short and stumpy and stiff and all the other things that sound like weird euphemisms for something but we’re not sure what. Nicely machined, though. That’s not a euphemism. We hope.

Price: £79.95

From: Silverfish

RaceFace Next 35mm Riser Bars

DSC_0021Nestled lovingly into the Turbine stem is the Next riser bar. 35mm diameter, 760mm wide, 180g and also available in super-low 10mm rise, for a SLAMMED cockpit. Raaar.

Price: £129.00

From: Silverfish

Wolf Tooth Components

DSC_0094Lots of chainrings and sprockets from the good people at Wolf Tooth. Singlespeed, extra-large; thick/thin; chainring bolts; all sorts.

  • 30T 5 Spoke SRAM Direct Mount – $69.95
  • 30T 88 BCD XTR – $78.95
  • Chainring bolts – $19.95
  • Giant Cog 42T Red Shimano range extending sprocket with 16t replacement sprocket – $89.95 and $14.95 respectively
  • 18T stainless steel singlespeed sprocket – $59.95

All from Wolf Tooth Components

Praxis Chainring

DSC_0093A 30T narrow/wide chainring to make 1x that little bit easier in these here hills. Will be going on the Praxis Turn cranks on the FF29 Chubbie very very soon indeed.

Price: £64.99

From: Upgrade

Gamut Cillos bar

DSC_0088760mm of trail-conquering wideness from the boys at Gamut.

Price: £59.99

From: Madison

Broken Riders Single Crown T-shirt

Inedible hunk

A 100% organic cotton t-shirt which is apparently climate neutral. James tries to out-do GVM, and fails miserably.

Price: £22 (plus free stickers!)

From: Broken Riders

Marzocchi 44 Micro STA fork

DSC_0067110-140mm of adjustable, plush, white 29er loveliness from the Italian chaps at Marzocchi. Vroom.

Price: £599.95

From: Windwave

BSG Adapt Sport Glasses gift box

DSC_0056For the ride who has everything, there are a gazillion* ways to chop and change your lenses and colours and everything with this gift box.

*OK, maybe just lots

DSC_0055GVM was rather taken with them, to the point where I couldn’t get at him to get them off. Honestly, he’s like a rabid hamster sometimes.

Price: £109.95

From: Windwave

A2Z brake pads

DSC_0074A wide variety of pads to assuage the needs in the workshop. Sintered, organic, the works. Fantastic.

Price: from £7.95

From: Windwave

BBB iPhone holder

DSC_0078Season-specific bike-mountable cases from the good folk at BBB. Also comes with a free app!

Price: £32.95

From: Windwave

Vaude Moab Jacket

DSC_0063The Moab is made of water shedding, stretchy fabric, ‘for maximum flow’. It says here. This is actually a ladies’ jacket, but GVM was keen to try that ‘raving’ thing he’d head so much about, so it was difficult to coerce him out of it, frankly. It’s a little bit like herding a bearded pitbull. Any minute now, he’s about to ‘throw some shapes’ and ‘get large’. I think I preferred the out-of-time mill-owner, personally. That’s the last time I let him take three ibuprofen.

Price: £80.00

DSC_0065This is what happened when Chipps demanded to photobomb proceedings with his lovely up-to-date Pace top. See the expression on GVM? Mere seconds later, it took three people to pull him off Chipps’ leg.

Vaude Tremalzo Rain Jacket

DSC_0072There’s a blue lightweight 2.5 layer waterproof jacket hiding underneath GVM’s snarl, if you look closely. Loads of vents, zips, pockets and other bits and pieces with adjustable cuffs. Although GVM hasn’t quite worked out Velcro yet.

DSC_0069GVM was rather taken with the little bits of paper that the zips came wrapped in, like flavourless boiled sweets (GVM tried to eat one).

Price: £115.00

All from: Vaude

And with a monumental exhale, that’s all we’ve got for this week! Okay, it was quite huge. We’re going to turn tyres to the trailside now, and squirm off into the distance, spraying mud and whoops in all directions. See you next week!

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