Marzocchi Returns To Rear Shocks. Affordable Shocks From This Legendary Company.

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Marzocchi is back in the rear coil shock game, with the newly announced Bomber CR shock. In keeping with the re-launch of the Bomber fork, Marzocchi (which is now owned by Fox) is aiming the Bomber at the more affordable end of the rear shock market.

Looking pretty sleek there. The Bomber CR
Wade Simmons looks on in wonder at the new Bomber CR coil shock

As the company says in its press release: “It’s no secret coil shocks offer amazing performance and the Bomber CR provides a plush, planted feel and consistency during long shred sessions. From riders looking to breathe new life into an old ride to customers wanting a new bike that they can set and forget, the Bomber CR delivers.”

This kind of riding!
Has a very stealthy look

It’s clear that Marzocchi sees a market in aftermarket shocks for riders with older frames that are well-loved, but in need of a bit of livening up, as well as riders keen to try the touted benefits of coil shocks without having to fork out a grand for a fancy-pants Push or similar.

We hear that the shock pairs well with bikes in the travel ranges from 130mm to over 200mm. And in keeping with the Bomber fork, which has very simple controls, riders simply need to set their sag and rebound, and ride.

CR – Compression and Rebound

With models taking in imperial, metric and new trunnion mounts, there should be something to fit most bikes capable of running a coil (which isn’t every bike, so check with the manufacturer before wanging a coilover onto your Scott Spark…)

• Adjustable low-speed compression and rebound damping
• Standard: 7.5×2.0”, 7.7875×2.0”, 7.7875×2.25”, 8.5×2.5”, 8.75×2.75”
• Metric: 210x50mm, 210x55mm, 230x60mm, 230x65mm, 250x75mm
• Trunnion: 185×52.5mm, 185x55mm, 205x60mm, 205, 65mm, 225x75mm
• Pricing in the US is $299 or £319 in the UK and springs (you don’t get one with the shock) an extra $29.95.

They’re in stock now at Silverfish UK.


That bike’s not bad, either




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    Nice to see the $/£ conversion working in our favour!

    But all I’ve got is a Scott Spark!

    Like Poah says – nothing in the press release to say this isn’t just a slightly cheaper Fox VAN RC in a different colour.

    “nothing in the press release to say this isn’t just a slightly cheaper Fox VAN RC in a different colour.”

    Would you expect them to say that?

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