VIDEO: Calder Divide Trail 2023 – Faffing and Laughing

The Calder Divide Trail is a long distance circular route across 12 valleys, 6 moors and 1 floodplain in West Yorkshire. It is a multi-day adventure along the watershed of...

Riding The Pictish Trail – a route down Scotland’s east coast

This nice video from occasional STW contributor, Huw Oliver, and first person to complete the HT550 in winter, Annie Evans, may have you planning a trip. Even if you don’t...

‘Seriously Gravel’ – The Gravel Club

Orbea’s Pachamama project looks at cycling culture away from competition. This latest episode about ‘The Gravel Club’ in Berlin is especially nice, capturing the spirit of the informal group ride....

Wild About Bikepacking – 496-km connecting Mull, Jura, Islay and Bute 

Markus Stitz is once again doing his best to persuade us to get out and ride a very long way on a gravel bike. This time, he’s in the Inner...

Contrast – A Kona Sutra Adventure

Dreaming of travels and big plans? Maybe this video and story from Kona about bikepacking in France will inspire you to get the maps out and start making ferry bookings…...

Is That A Gravel Bike, Or A BMX?

Here we have two videos for you that may have you asking a few questions. Have you got the wrong tyres? The wrong tyre pressure? Maybe you’re wearing the wrong...

Unhurried | The John Muir Way with Markus Stitz

This new video covering the John Muir Way, from Markus Stitz is a gentle paced look at why you should ride your bike, explore, and go further. If you were...

Mākū – Makes you feel better about not being in New Zealand

How bad could bike packing in New Zealand be, really? Surely it’s all just lovely? Yes, New Zealand would appear to have a lot going for it: more scenery than...

Markus Stitz Perthshire Gravel

Eleven Free Gravel GPX Routes Plotted In Perthshire

Perthshire in Scotland is seeking to promote itself as a gravel riding destination, with the launch of a website detailing eleven routes around the area. This includes free GPX downloads...

Bike Packing Coffee | 4 Ways to brew up outdoors

Well balanced, good, rich mouthfeel, great body, nice, rich taste and smell… just some of the words that pro baristas regularly use to define the multitude of coffee varieties and flavours...

Creepy Fatigue – The Cobblestones Of Flanders

Many of us will have looked at the cobblestones of Flanders and wondered how hard it can be, really, to ride them. Yes, add in a peloton of close packed...

I Just Want To Ride – Lael Wilcox and the 2019 Tour Divide

There was a bunch of controversy around this year’s Tour Divide, with the lead up to it marked by the kind of kerfuffle that the internet breeds best (or worst)....

Video: Nick Craig At Three Peaks Cyclo-Cross 2018

We often refer to Nick Craig as ‘the nicest man in cycling’. If you’re ever lucky enough to meet him, we’ve no doubt you’ll experience his kindly soft spoken voice,...

Turner Launches New Titanium All Road Bike: CyclosisCXR

David Turner is one of those bike industry characters that’s never been afraid to stand away from the crowd. Indeed, he seems quite reluctant to be part of the trends...

Video: Gravel Grinding In 1915

Footage that is both compelling and sobering, from 1915.

Video: Three Peaks Bog Crossing Roulette

Amid all the suffering of the 3 Peaks, some suffered more than others. Here they are for your entertainment

Kona Jake Models Released with Rad Video

Kona has launched the latest crop of Jake cyclocross/adventure/commuting/all-road models today, and to show them off, the company has produced a video of Kona pro Kerry Werner putting the Major...

Morvelo Presents: No Compromise

Looking for some riding inspiration to get you through the working week? Morvelo shows us that any adventure on two wheels is exactly that - an adventure.

Video: UK National Cyclocross Championships 2017

Our pals at Kinesis Bikes have made a video from last weekend\'s National Champs

adventure great basin gravel bikepacking adventure

Video: Out There In The Great Basin

Two months of bikepacking through the Wyoming Red Desert in the US. Eat, ride, sleep, repeat.

kinesis titanium tripster cyclocross adventure gravel bikepacking mike hall tapered

Kinesis Launches The Brand New Tripster ATR V2

Kinesis UK has just dropped V2 of the Tripster ATR. New titanium tubes, new geometry and new modular dropouts with thru-axle compatibility. Full details within.

Greg May Super 8

Getting Super 8 with Greg

Greg May, his words and his writing are captured here on Super 8 film, thanks to Giles Perkins.

Trail Radar

Video: Trail Radar Companion

Here\'s a cool video to go along with the Trail Radar article in issue #008!

Motor Doping

Motor Doping Appears to be More Widespread

Just when you thought technological fraud might have been finally banished…

Video: SSCX 2016

A must watch video of the fun you can have if you ditch all but one of your gears.

DIrty Kanza

Watch: I Ride for Her – Dirty Kanza

Our friends from Salsa have just shared this touching clip about the legendary gravel race.

Off Road with Kali Protectives

A Nice Video to Inspire Your Thursday

Here\'s some video inspiration featuring skinny tires, a cyclocross bike, thinking outside the box, wheelies and singletrack.


Watch Some of the Mayhem from SSCWXC

The annual Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships went down this past weekend in Canada, and here\'s some video proof.

Tortour Cyclocross

The Tortour Switzerland in Moving Pictures

Here\'s a video to help get you more excited for the ultimate cyclocross endurance race in Switzerland.

Search for the Holy Gravel: VIDEO

A fun gravel-seeking film for a wet afternoon in.