Mākū – Makes you feel better about not being in New Zealand

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How bad could bike packing in New Zealand be, really? Surely it’s all just lovely?

Yes, New Zealand would appear to have a lot going for it: more scenery than the eye can handle, wildlife to marvel at, world class mountain biking, a political leader you’d like to have dinner with, and penguins. But that doesn’t mean it’s wall to wall fun and happiness out there. To help you feel better about not being in New Zealand, Damian Stones has made this video about his latest gravel adventure across the islands.

They had a plan to ride for four days. There seems to be a lot of gear on their bikes, but since they stay in lodges and hotels it’s not totally clear what they’re carrying… coffee?

It rains pretty solidly for the whole four day trip, which should make you feel a lot better about not being in New Zealand. OK, it might not help much if it’s raining where you are, and you don’t have penguins, and you’d only invite your national leader to lunch if you wanted to see if those mushrooms you’d picked were edible.

There’s no mention of biting insects, fungal skin infections, or wayfinding trauma, so really this is suffering-lite. Enjoy.

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    A political leader you would like to have dinner with!!!!!! Are you sure? Have you seen what is happening there? How the people are been treated!? Georgeous place but I’m really pleased I don’t live there at the moment! Powers to enter your home if your suspected of having CV taken away to a detention center , yeah the woman sounds like a total winner………..oh and did I mention she’s good friends with the gates, NZ at the moment has been hijacked by maniacs.

    I live in NZ and I don’t know why anyone would try to bike pack the nydia track. It’s a steep, rooty rock fest more suited to a trail/enduro bike and anyone I know why has bike packed it says afterwards, oh that is a bit dumb. It is such a nice ride on the right sort of bike

    @dogrammer – your comments re NZ and the “what’s going on there right now” are 1) completely inaccurate and 2) not bloody helpful. I live in NZ and can categorically tell you that no one is breaking into anyone’s home if you’re suspected of having COVID 19. Everyone’s having a tough time of it around the world right now and we need to stick to the FACTS about what’s going on otherwise we’ll all end up f@cked.
    Great Vid Singletrack – thanks

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