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In the most recent printed issue of (#008), our man Oliver Townsend delivered a great article in which he writes about how you can use your ‘trail radar’ to sense, see and find bits of new trail every time you ride.

Some of the best trail ‘finds’ are often on the edge of society. Raggedy bits of wasteland, abandoned by all but the hardiest dog walkers (or doggers), frequently daubed with graffiti, liberally sprinkled with dog-poo landmines and broken glass, smelling of wild garlic at the right time of year, peppered with rabbit holes and armed to the teeth with sections of rusty barbed wire, half bricks and windblown sticks desperate to hurl themselves through your front wheel as you rocket past. To most of society these are places to avoid. But for the skilled trail hunter, a barely visible animal trail wibbling off into a patch of tatty looking scrubland could actually be the fast track to trail Nirvana.

Lucky for us (and you), in addition to being a wonderful wordsmith, Oliver also likes to work with video. He graciously put together a video companion for his Trail Radar piece. And here it is.

If you haven’t read Trail Radar in issue #008, we highly recommend you pick up a copy or subscribe here.

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