‘Seriously Gravel’ – The Gravel Club

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Orbea’s Pachamama project looks at cycling culture away from competition. This latest episode about ‘The Gravel Club’ in Berlin is especially nice, capturing the spirit of the informal group ride.

We think that the experience of finding people to ride with without the need for clubs, committees and formal structures will ring true with many of you. And if you’ve not yet found some riding friends, maybe it’ll inspire you to go out and start your own gang, or give you some ideas of how to find one. If you don’t speak German, switch the YouTube subtitles on and you’ll get an English translation.

The introduction shows how anyone can get into riding, it just takes a friend to head out there with. If you know someone who you think would enjoy playing out on the trails but is nervous about getting out there, maybe this will make them think they could manage it too?

In the heart of Berlin, a group of indomitable riders are still waiting for the bell to sound to jump on their bikes and take off. This is “The Gravel Club”, a community that came about from the need to share, a group that quite simply jumps on their bikes with the simple, basic goal of enjoying themselves. In “The Gravel Club” there are no fees and there are no limits. Discover a different way of seeing gravel, cycling and life in general in a new episode of Pachamama.

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