VIDEO: Calder Divide Trail 2023 – Faffing and Laughing

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The Calder Divide Trail is a long distance circular route across 12 valleys, 6 moors and 1 floodplain in West Yorkshire. It is a multi-day adventure along the watershed of the River Calder.

There are 5 route options to cater for varying fitness and technical abilities.

  • Route 1: Blue Gravel 161km / 2,725m
  • Route 2: Red Gravel 205km / 3,265m
  • Route 3: Blue MTB 165km / 2,800m
  • Route 4: Black MTB 235km / 4,000m
  • Route 5: Red Gravel or MTB 272km / 4,300m

I had originally planned on doing Route 5 on my hardtail, but when Vicky suggested we head out for a good time not a hard time, I swapped to Route 2 with her and Sylvie.

From the left: Vicky, Amanda and Sylvie

The route starts in Mytholmroyd which is local to us, so we rode the 10kms to the start and made sure to be out early enough to fit plenty of faffing in to our day. For most of the morning we were riding in a cloud, which was quite atmospheric, however it denied some spectacular views to those riders that had travelled from further away for the event.

Our adventure was a social pace with plenty of sightseeing, snack stops and chatting to other riders along the way. The weather tried to turn us away, but the company kept us going. When we arrived at the campsite the pizza van had run out of food, so we gathered all those that hadn’t eaten and headed to a local pub, The Farmers Boy in Shepley. Despite it being 13 minutes before the kitchen closed, the staff were incredibly accommodating and made sure we were all warm and fed before we left. A late bedtime, a late morning and plenty of coffee were to follow. We completed our journey through some of the most fantastic trails in the area, bumping into plenty of other riders along the way. Check out the video for the full adventure!

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  • VIDEO: Calder Divide Trail 2023 – Faffing and Laughing
  • fenboy
    Full Member

    Now we know you have Chips as style guide at Singletrack so its perhaps understandable but c’mon… only Sylvie had the right helmet on.

    Helmet peaks and gravel bikes is all kinds of wrong! We all know there are rules and they are there to be broken … but you shouldn’t break this one!

    good video though! 🙂

    Full Member

    My excuse is that my Diablo mount doesn’t fit on my road lid, and a loaded bike has no cockpit space! So actually, that’s not an excuse, it’s a reason.

    Full Member

    Nice vid. Enjoyed that.

    Full Member

    Watched it last night as a had my supper, Very Cool “slow telly” to wind down after work. Looks like you had fun (apart from lack of pizza, obvs)

    Full Member

    hmmmm…. almost but still no; we know you know! :-)))

    Full Member

    My excuse is I only have mountain bike helmets – this whole gravel experience is new to me lol!

    Full Member

    We did it last year and really enjoyed the experience. I think your video captures it beautifully.

    In Adrians defence, I hear the campsite experience was a massive step up from last year and I’m sure he’ll have it nailed by next time. It will have been those chaps in ‘gravel’ helmets all eating 3 pizza’s each 😉

    No pizza still beats the thai chow mein I got from the chinese last year, if I hadn’t been so hungry I’d have launched the firey b****** in the bin!

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