Watch Some of the Mayhem from SSCWXC

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The annual circus known as the Singlespeed Cyclocross World Championships visited Victoria, British Columbia this past weekend. And, as you probably can imagine, it was a party on two wheels and one gear. As usual, Adam Craig took home the winner’s tattoo and golden speedo for the men, while Mical Dyck finished on top for the women.
In some “Of Course That Happened” kind of news, when Craig’s tattoo was done, it was realized it contained a very obvious typo. Here’s a link to an image of the ink malfunction. (We also refer to it in the title of this post.) That is what we call ‘legendary’.
Anyway, here’s a video summary of the event:

The 2016 edition of SSCXWC returns to where it all began: Portland, Oregon. See you there?

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