Trek Velocis MIPS helmet review

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The Trek Velocis MIPS is the brand’s lightest road* helmet. Improved ventilation and channelling. The MIPS Air system is designed to improve comfort and protection. The single-lace BOA fit system. Rubberised sunglasses docking port. Bevelled front edge improves field of view.

*gravel for me

  • Brand: Trek
  • Product: Velocis MIPS helmet
  • From: Trek Bikes
  • Price: £229.99
  • Tested by: Amanda for 2 months
  • SQUIRREL_TEXT_13047057


  • Super lightweight
  • Can barely feel it on your head
  • Works great with long hair


  • The straps are absurdly long
  • Sizing chart needs thoroughly checking, as the measurements for each size are quite broad

There are a couple of key features on this helmet, both around the retention system, that I really love. Firstly, the BOA retention system can be adjusted to sit low at the back of your head which means anyone with a ponytail can tie their hair higher up and post it very comfortably through the gap, which keeps your neck cool. This might seem like a none-feature, but for warm weather riding or racing when you’re going to be sweating a lot, lifting your hair away from the neck makes a huge difference. Secondly, this low retention system also folds into the helmet and tucks totally safely inside, which stops you bending it when carrying it around. I took this helmet abroad and it took up significantly less space in my hand luggage.

In terms of performance, it weighs a mere 235g and feels extremely light and airy. The front of the helmet isn’t too chunky and doesn’t enter your peripheral, and has very secure glasses holes. The padded liner is super absorbent yet it dries fast, and when I took it out to clean I found it went back in perfectly with no weakened Velcro or flopping back out. The gloss white finish paired with black carbon is both visible and makes the overall look seem less mushroomy than some white helmets. The small gold logo accents to finish are subtle, and are one of my favourite things about it. I don’t like garish branding, I only wear white helmets both on and off road for safety, and I have thick hair that makes my head warm, so it really does tick all the boxes.


This is genuinely the most comfortable helmet I’ve worn, as I can hardly feel it’s on my head. It’s lightweight and has a comfortable retention system that doesn’t apply any pressure, so it just feels like it’s floating in place. For travelling and storage, you can’t do any damage as it folds away neatly and comes with a nice soft carry bag to protect from scratches. The straps are ridiculously long, but I plan to trim the excess off.

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  • Trek Velocis MIPS helmet review
  • rOcKeTdOg
    Full Member

    Good to see they no longer do that koyroid tube system because that drove me mad with the creaking

    Full Member

    I think this is the helmet the Trek XC team wear for MTB race duties too

    Full Member

    Blimey, late to the party, I’ve had one for about 18 months?!

    Free Member

    How does this £230 helmet compare to my £15 Planet X lid ?

    Correction it now looks like the same lid is now up to £21 the robbing so and so’s

    Full Member

    A helmet for £230.00 is the extreme.

    I’ll stick with my Planet X lid.

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