New Sonder bikes: gravel, road and E

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Sonder is a perennially popular brand with you lot so we thought we’d just slap up a quickie about its new Sedona gravel bike, Prima road bike and its first e-bike: the El Camino.

Sonder unveils its first e-bike, the El Camino, alongside brand-new road, and gravel models

Drawing on their popular gravel model, the Camino, well established amongst its premium counterparts and renowned for exceptional performance on multi-terrain rides, Sonder releases their first-ever electric bike, the El Camino. The move into the e-bike space comes alongside two other releases, Sedona, a high-performance gravel race bike, and the Prima Al, an ultralight aluminium road bike built for uncompromised speed and performance.

Defying current conditions across the industry, the trio of releases is a testament to their unique positioning as a bike for the true multi-disciplinary rider and a brand that sweats the details to craft sweet-spot geometries across its entire portfolio. Each model is designed and built in the UK, and they retain meticulous control over design and development processes, ensuring that Sonder’s frames and components are of the highest quality, using premium materials and the world’s best factories.

As the Europe’s only B-Corp-certified cycling brand, Sonder boasts some of the industry’s most ethical and environmentally preferable standards. See full details of their sustainability report here.

Introducing the El Camino: Explore More

El Camino, Sonder’s first electric gravel bike, merges the acclaimed original Camino’s success with a powerful rear hub motor. Powered by the latest Kynamic BC250 system, the El Camino maintains Camino’s long-distance capabilities while introducing an electric motor and torque sensor to keep a natural ride feel, whether the power is on or off.

Weighing just 3kg more than its non-electric counterpart, the El Camino is a sleek, agile companion that’ll gracefully move over styles and gates with you. Its 250kWh battery and 250W motor boasts 45Nm of driving force, with a real-life range of up to 70km in 100% assisted riding.

The integrated control panel provides three power settings, adapting to individual preferences for a personalised riding experience. With ample tire clearance, Alpha EX wheelsets, and multiple bottle cage and rack mounts, the El Camino is versatile and robust. Its elegant design with internal cable routing emphasises its place in the Camino family. ¬¬The El Camino isn’t just an electric bike; it’s designed for joy-filled riding with and without assistance for the rider who wants to do more, see more, and explore more.

Sedona: Full Gas Gravel

Sedona is the aggressive cousin of the classic gravel bike (Camino). It’s a hydroformed titanium gravel race bike with added stiffness and vertical compliance to drive an efficient pace uphill or down for rides that take you from road to ruin without a change in pace.

Sedona blends the elegance and performance of a road bike for committed speed machines with the stability and control of an out-and-out gravel bike. Boasting the comfortable characteristics, a Ti frame is known for, it makes 200-mile race pace rides an adrenaline-filled dream.

Sedona sweats the details with clean lines, neat welds that are second to none, internal cable routing and tyre clearance up to 45mm. The result? A responsive ride quality as a road bike and confidence-inspiring control as you hit the gravel. It’s the closest thing to flying without leaving the ground.

Prima: Smarter. Sharper. Faster.

Prima isn’t just another road bike; it’s your high-performance companion designed to deal with even the most demanding environments. Crafted with precision from a 1.4kg 7046 Alloy frame, Prima delivers swift responsiveness and top-tier speed.

Sonder’s commitment to excellence is evident in Prima’s sleek and fuss-free aesthetic, thanks to signature internal cable routing. The frame’s modern aluminium grades ensure strength, stiffness, and lightness, rivalling carbon counterparts while remaining environmentally preferable and recyclable. Heat-treated welding technology provides a superior finish without the carbon tax. Leveraging modern high-grade aluminium’s quality and weight benefits, Sonda has focused on the components that really elevate performance. Prima seamlessly integrates high-grade aluminium with cutting-edge groupsets, delivering a powerful punch that pushes you to new limits – whether it’s year-round training or competing in a triathlon.

With ten shop-in-shops across the UK, Sonder offers a unique experience where every bike and wheel is built to order. Renowned for its exceptional service, custom options, and bespoke bike frames, Sonder stands resilient and poised for continued success throughout 2024. With plans for further bike launches in the new year, Sonder is committed to supporting the evolution of multi-disciplinary riders.

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  • New Sonder bikes: gravel, road and E
  • footflaps
    Full Member

    Interesting timing in terms of the general market for bikes at the moment….

    Full Member

    El Camino looks like a really useful evolution but their range is starting to spread at a time when a bit of focus on a smaller number of key products would really help keep the business lean

    Full Member

    @footflaps – if my experience of Alpkit is typical, they’ll order three of each size, sell the standard sizes immediately then keep spamming a “sale” on the XXXS and XXXL sizes for the following year or so. 

    Full Member

    Each model is designed and built in the UK

    Really? Are we sure about that? Assembled maybe.

    Free Member

     if my experience of Alpkit is typical, they’ll order three of each size, sell the standard sizes immediately then keep spamming a “sale” on the XXXS and XXXL sizes for the following year or so.  

    My experience of Sonder is that their stock levels are usually pretty good and “sales” beyond their pre-used demo bikes are pretty limited.  Obviously if they’re going to sell out of any sizes then it’s likely to be the more common Medium/Large varieties so will typically have the less common sizes if there is a sale going on.

    I don’t see Sonder as doing anything different in this respect to any of the mainstream manufacturers and nothing like the Planet X approach.

    Full Member

    I don’t understand, isn’t this just the copy off their website?  it’s not an article is it? …… I like Sonder/Alpkit as a brand and have two of their bikes, of which the prices seem to have risen steeply – I would wait as several times a year (at least)  they generally have 15% or more off prices – if you sign up to their mailing list “Espresso” you will generally get bombarded with their flash sales and sales incentives under various guises (sometimes an extra 10 – 15% off sale prices) such as warehouse clearance etc – it took me a while to realise this was their overall marketing strategy as per many other companies, that said they seem to induce almost cult like status amongst some who seem to have lost sight of the fact they are just buying ‘stuff’ from a commercial business, so their branding/marketing is pretty effective.

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